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The Asian EFL Journal is published monthly and presents information, theories, research, methods and materials related to language acquisition and language learning. An academic Second Language Acquisition Research Journal. The Asian EFL Journal is one of the world's leading refereed and indexed journals for second language research.

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2014 Quarterly


  2014 Volume 16, Issue 4 : December 2014 Quarterly Journal Download Full PDF Articles Book Reviews Codeswitching in University English-Medium Classes: Asian Perspectives Edited by Roger Barnard and James McLellan Reviewed by Anna Husson Isozaki Technology Enhanced Language Learning: Connecting Theory and Practice Aisha Walker and Goodith White Reviewed by Darío Luis Banegas   Volume 16, Issue 3 : September 2014 Quarterly […]

Featured Thesis

An Investigation of the Impact of Bilingualism on the Identity of a Sample of Bilingual English Teachers


Bilingualism and its impact on the identity of such speakers has been widely discussed in the academic field, yet there is little attention paid to the relationship between bilinguals’ self-perception and their identity as bilingual/non-native English teachers. In our multilingual world, ever greater numbers of bilingual teachers of English can be seen in the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) profession.

Featured Teaching Article

Strategies of Learning Speaking Skill by Senior High School EFL Learners in Indonesia


Incorporating theories of language learning strategies and theories of speaking strategies, the present study posed three research objectives: (1) identifying the categories of strategies of learning speaking skill employed by EFL learners of Indonesian senior high schools, (2) measuring the intensity of use of each strategy category, and (3) comparing the use of the identified strategies by successful and less successful students.