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| December 3, 2014


Volume 12 Issue 4: December 2010 Quarterly Edition
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Table of Contents:
Foreword by Wen-chi Vivian Wu and Yu-chaun Joni Chao PDF

Article 1. Roger Nunn & John Thurman. The Benefits and Challenges of Holistic In-house Task-based Language Learning and Assessment
Article 2. Ai Chun Yen. Our Languages Clicked: Shakespeare in EFL Classes
Article 3. Lu-Fang Lin. English Learners Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition in the Video-based CALL Program
Article 4. Michael C. Cheng, Chang Jui-chuan, Chen Yi-chen, & Liao Ying-shu. Do They Want the Same Thing? Learner Perspectives on Two Content-Based Course Designs in the Context of English as a Foreign Language
Article 5. Ying-Chieh Chiang & Lu-Chun Lin. Morphological and Syntactic Abilities in Taiwanese EFL Preschoolers Oral Narratives
Article 7. Gary G Fogal. EFL Literature Studies: Student Feedback on Teaching Methodology
Article 8. Lu-Chun Lin & Chiao-Ping Cheng. Research Trends in Selected M.A. TESOL Programs in Taiwan: A Preliminary Content Analysis of Master s Theses from 2003-2007
Article 9. Mei-jung Wang & Ka I Ip. Tasks and Challenges Faced by Teachers in Handling an Online Project
Article 10. Takeshi Sato & Akio Suzuki. Do multimedia-oriented visual glosses really facilitate EFL vocabulary learning? : A comparison of planar images with three-dimensional images
Article 11. Waseema Tasneen. Literary Texts in the Language Classroom: a Study of Teachers and Students views at International schools in Bangkok
Article 12. Lisa Hsu. The Impact of Perceived Teachers Nonverbal Immediacy on Students Motivation for Learning English

Book Reviews
1. Paivandi, S. Discrimination and Intolerance in Iran s Textbooks
2. Kenna Burke and Amanda Mari. Test It, Fix It: Business Vocabulary
3. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge learner s dictionary with CD-ROM
4. Graeme Harper. Creative writing guidebook


Volume 12 Issue 3: September 2010 Quarterly Edition
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Table of Contents:

Foreword by Eva Bernat

Article 1. Caroline Brandt. Competition and Collaboration in Initial Teacher Education in TESOL: A Case of a Classic Double Bind
Article 2. Hoa Thi Mai Nguyen and Richard B. Baldauf Jr. Effective Peer Mentoring for EFL Pre-service Teachers Instructional Practicum Practice
Article 3. Olcay Sert. A Proposal for a CA-Integrated English Language Teacher Education Program in Turkey
Article 41. Feroze Kasi. Collaborative Action Research: An Alternative Model for EFL Teacher Professional Development in Pakistan
Article 5. Stan Pederson. Using Perplexing Survey Questions With Repeated Pair Discussions to Enhance the Depth of Expression of Beliefs: The Case of Pre-service Japanese EFL Teachers
Article 6. Grace Ika Yuwono and Lesley Harbon. English Teacher Professionalism and Professional Development: Some Common Issues in Indonesia
Article 7. Rose Senior. A Socio-pedagogic Theory of Classroom Practice to Support Language Teacher Develop ment in Asia
Article 8. David Litz. Distance Doctor in Education Degrees: Past Experiences, Current Developments and Future Possibilities in Asia

Book Reviews.
1. Block, D. Second Language Identities
2. Hyland, K. Academic Discourse
3. Luk, Jasmine C. M. and Lin, Angel M. Y. Classroom Interactions as Cross-Cultural Encounters: Native Speakers in EFL Lessons
4. Farrell, Thomas S. C. (Ed.) Classroom Management


Volume 12 Issue 2: June 2010 Quarterly Edition
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Table of Contents:

Foreword by Roger Nunn
Article 1. Michael Fennell. A Letter from Nicaragua
Article 2. Hui-Fang Shang. Reading Strategy Use, Self-Efficacy and EFL Reading Comprehension
Article 3. Hoa Thi Mai Nguyen and Peter Hudson. Preservice EFL Teachers Attitudes, Needs, and Experiences about Teaching Writing and Learning to Teach Writing before their Practicum: A Case Study in Vietnam
Article 4. Mei-Ling Chen and David Squires. Vocational College Students Perceptions on Standardized English Proficiency Tests
Article 5. Ozgur Yildirim. Washback Effects of a High-Stakes University Entrance Exam: Effects of the English Section of the University Entrance Exam on Future English Language Teachers in Turkey
Article 6. Ambrose B. Chimbganda. Summary Production: A Topographical Analysis of the Strategies Used by University ESL First Year Science Students
Article 7. Yusheng Li and Chuang Wang. An Empirical Study of Reading Self-efficacy and the Use of Reading Strategies in the Chinese EFL Context
Article 8. Lu-Fang Lin. The Impact of the Retelling Technique on Chinese Students English Reading Comprehension
Article 9. Heng-Tsung Danny Huang and Shao-Ting Alan Hung. Effects of Electronic Portfolios on EFL Oral Performance
Article 10. Seyyed Ali Ostovar Namaghi. Parameters of Language Teaching in the Context of High Schools of Iran: A Data-First Approach
Article 11. Mark Wyatt. One Teacher s Development as a Reflective Practitioner
Article 12. Jane Mok. The New Role of English Language Teachers: Developing Students Critical Thinking in Hong Kong Secondary School Classrooms
Article 13. Chen-Ying Li and Paul Seedhouse. Classroom Interaction in Story-Based Lessons with Young Learners

Book Reviews.
1. Teresa B. Bevis and Christopher J. Lucas. International Students in American Colleges and Universities: A History
2. Don Snow. From Language Learner to Language Teacher:
An Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language

3. Christina Coombe, Keith Folse, and Nancy Hubley. A Practical Guide to Assessing English Language Learners
4. Zoltián Diörnyei. Research Methods in Applied Linguistics: Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methodologies
5. Braj B. Kachru, Yamuna Kachru, and Shikaripur Sridhar (Eds.) Language in South Asia


Volume 12 Issue 1: March 2010 Quarterly Edition
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Table of Contents:

Foreword by Roger Nunn
Article 1. Mojtaba Maghsodi. Type of Task and Type of Dictionary in Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition
Article 2. Azadeh Nemati. Active and Passive Vocabulary Knowledge: The Effect of Years of Instruction
Article 3. Jeng-yih Tim Hsu. The Effects of Collocation Instruction on the Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Learning of College English Majors
Article 4. Faith A. Brown. Vocabulary Knowledge and Comprehension in Second Language Text Processing: A Reciprocal Relationship?
Article 5. Colin McDonald & Scott McRae. A pre-trial collection and investigation of what perceptions and attitudes of Konglish exist amongst foreign and Korean English language teachers in terms of English education in Korea
Article 6. Indika Liyanage, Peter Grimbeek, & Fiona Bryer. Relative cultural contributions of religion and ethnicity to the language learning strategy choices of ESL students in Sri Lankan and Japanese high schools
Article 7. Chi Cheung Ruby Yang. Teacher Questions in Second Language Classrooms: An Investigation of Three Case Studies
Article 8. Long Van Nguyen. Computer Mediated Collaborative Learning within a Communicative Language Teaching Approach:A Sociocultural Perspective
Article 9. Mansoor Tavakoli. Investigating the relationship between Self-assessment and teacher-assessment in a academic contexts
Article 10. Lisha Wang. An investigation of the Current State of College Teachers Teaching Quality and Teacher Development

Book Reviews
1. Ilona Leki, Alister Cumming, & Tony Silva. A synthesis of research on second language writing in English
2. Anne O Keeffe, Michael McCarthy, and Ronald Carter. From Corpus to Classroom: Language Use and Language Teaching
3. Helen, Spencer-Oatey (Ed.) E-Learning initiatives in China: Pedagogy, policy and culture

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