Journal 2004

Volume 6. Issue 4: December 2004

Article 1. Erlenawati Sawir. Keeping up with native speakers: The many and positive roles of repetition in the conversations of EFL learners
Article 2. Roger Cohen. The Current Status of English Education in Mongolia
Article 3. F. Sadighi, M.R. Parhizgar, M. Saadat. Preposition Pied-piping and Preposition Stranding Constructions in the Interlanguage Grammar of Iranian EFL Learners
Article 4. David Brown. A Consideration of the Role of The Four Iddhipada and the Sutta in Teaching English in Thailand Today
Article 5. Kota Ohata. Phonological Differences between Japanese and English: Several Potentially Problematic Areas of Pronunciation for Japanese ESL/EFL Learners
Article 6. Yanpu Zhang. A Study of English Writing by Native Chinese Freshmen : Teaching English Requires the Teaching of Culture(s)
Article 7. Pedro Luchini. Developing oral skills by combining fluency- with accuracy-focused tasks: A case study in China
Article 8. Huw Jarvis and Sirin Atsilarat. Shifting paradigms: from a communicative to a context-based approach
Article 9. Guoxing Yu. Perception, Practice and Progress Significance of scaffolding and zone of proximal development for second or foreign language teachers
Article 10. Annie Hong Qin Zhao and Carol Morgan. Consideration of Age in L2 Attainment Children, Adolescents and Adults
Article 11. Roger Nunn. The Unknown Unknowns of Plain English


Volume 6. Issue 3: September 2004

Article 1. Kyung-eun Yoon CLT Theories and Practices in EFL Curricula A Case Study of Korea
Article 2. Peter Dash Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure: A Definitional Analysis with Implications for Classroom Teaching
Article 3. Yi-hui Chiu The L2 Acquisition of the Coordinating Conjunction and in Taiwanese Learners Interlanguage at College Level
Article 4. Chi-yu Chang How American Culture Correlates the Process of Globalization
Article 5. Peter Dash Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure: A Definitional Analysis with Implications for Classroom Teaching
Article 6. Hasan Ansary & Esmat Babaii The Generic Integrity of Newspaper Editorials: A Systemic Functional Perspective
Article 7. Linda Martine Small Group Interaction Among Native English Speaking and Non-Native English Speaking Learners in a Teacher Training Context
Article 8. Abdallah Ahmad Baniabdelrahman Roles of Cooperating Teachers and Practicum Supervisors and their Effect on EFL Student-Teachers Teaching Skills
Article 9. Saeed Mehrpour & Abdolmehdi Riazi The Impact of Text Length on EFL Students Reading Comprehension
Article 10. Meiling Wang & Sirkku Aaltonen Sino-Finnish E-Mail Project A Teaching Tool for Tertiary Business Communication Course
Article 11. Kim Sung Jin Coping with Cultural Obstacles to Speaking English in the Korean Secondary School Context
Article 12. Luchini Pedro Op Ed


Volume 6. Issue 2: June 2004

Article 1. Alistair Sharp. Language learning and awareness of personality type in Chinese settings
Article 2. David Jeffrey. A Teacher Diary Experience
Article 3. Wang Lin. A Study on Cross-cultural Barriers in Reading of English
Article 4. Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson. Localizing Team-Teaching Research
Article 5. Pedro Luis Luchini. Integrating a Methodology Component into a Language Improvement Course at Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
Article 6. Mustafa Z Altan. Nationality &Language Learning Strategies of ELT-Major University Students
Article 7. Chizuko Suzuki. An Analysis of Japanese and Korean Students Online Discussion Based on Movie Reports
Article 8. Ma Zhan Xiang. The Necessity of Intensifying English Vocabulary Teaching in the Remote Minority Area College English Teaching
Article 9. Paul Robertson Op Ed


Volume 6. Issue 1: March 2004

Article 1. Hideo Oka. A Non-native Approach to ELT:Universal or Asian ?
Article 2. Niu Qiang, Ph.D., Martin Wolff, J.D., Teng Hai, Anne-Marie Gregory, M.Sc. CAN YOU GET A FIRST CLASS EDUCATION AT A THIRD TIER COLLEGE IN CHINA?
Article 3. Krishna Konda, Metaphorical Systems and their Implications to Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Article 4. George Mann. An evaluation approach towards feedback betterment in an initial teacher training in EFL
Article 5. Ping Duan & Weiping Gu Teaching Trial and Analysis of English for Technical Communication
Article 6. Kemal Sinan i–zmen. MAKE THEM BE AWARE, NOT BEWARE OF LEARNING: The Cognitive Therapy Technique (CTT) in adult EFL classes
Article 7. Minsheng Li Culture and Classroom Communication: A Case Study of Asian Students in New Zealand Language Schools
Article 8. Nenden Sri Lengkanawati How Learners from Different Cultural Backgrounds Learn a Foreign Language
Article 9. Colin Toms General English coursebooks and their place in an ESAP* programme