Journal 2006

Volume 8 Issue 4: December 2006

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Foreword & Index : Dr. Roger Nunn
Article 1. Reima Al-Jarf – Large Student Enrollments in EFL Programs: Challenges and Consequences
Article 2. Suleiman Al-Husseini – The Visible and Invisible Role of English Foundation Programmes: A Search for Communication Opportunities within EFL Contexts
Article 3. Naoko Taguchi and Naeko Naganuma – Transition from learning English to Learning in English: Students Perceived Adjustment Difficulties in an English-Medium University in Japan
Article 4. Xiao Lixin – What can we Learn from a Learning Needs Analysis of Chinese English Majors in a University Context?
Article 5. Derin Atay and Gokce Kurt – Prospective Teachers and L2 Writing Anxiety
Article 6. Behzad Ghonsooly and Ahmad-Reza Eghtesadee – Role of Cognitive Style of Field-dependence/ independence in Using Metacognitive and Cognitive Reading Strategies by a Group of Skilled and Novice Iranian Students of English Literature
Article 7. M. Samaie, R. Sahragard and R. Parhizkar – A Critical Analysis of Learning and Teaching Goals in Gardner s Theory of Attitudes and Motivation
Article 8. Mansour Koosha and Ali Akbar Jafarpour – Data-driven Learning and Teaching collocation of prepositions: The Case of Iranian EFL Adult Learners
Article 9. Yuh-Mei Chen – Using Children s Literature for Reading and Writing Stories
Article 10. Shaun O’Dwyer – In ELT, It s Time for Constructivists to get Real
Article 11. Sivakumar Sivasubramaniam – Promoting the Prevalence of Literature in the Practice of Foreign and Second Language Education: Issues and Insights

Book reviews:
John Baker and Nashwa Badr – Reflective Practice in Action: 80 Reflection Breaks for Busy Teachers (Thomas S. C. Farrell)
Deepti Gupta – The Story of English in India (N. Krishnaswamy and Lalitha Krishnaswamy)


Volume 16: November 2006

Arda Arikan. The Value of Reflection in Writing Courses in ELT Preservice Teacher Education Programs

Parviz Ajideh. Schema theory Based Considerations on Pre-reading Activities in ESP Textbooks


Volume 15: October 2006

Ngan Phan. Effective Reading

Wang Muqun & Wang Lu. The Functions of Humor in Classroom Instruction


Volume 8 Issue 3: September 2006

Proceedings from the Asian EFL Journal International Conference, April 2006.

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Foreword & Index : Dr. Roger Nunn
Article 1. Nunan, David. Task-based language teaching in the Asia context: Defining task
Article 2. Professor Rod Ellis. The Methodology of Task-Based Teaching
Article 3. Professor Francis Mangubhai. What do we know about learning and teaching second languages: Implications for teaching
Article 4. Dr. Roger Nunn. Designing Holistic Units for Task-Based Learning.
Article 5. Professor Rebecca Oxford. Task-Based Language Teaching and Learning: An Overview.
Article 6 . Darren Lingley. A Task-based Approach to Teaching a Content-based Canadian Studies Course in an EFL Context.
Article 7. Meena Lochana & Gitoshree Deb. Task Based Teaching: Learning English without Tears.
Article 8. Theron Muller. Researching the Influence of Target Language on Learner Task Performance.
Article 9. Ahmet Acar.Models, Norms and Goals for English as an International Language Pedagogy and Task Based Language Teaching and Learning.
Article 10. Mariko Eguchi & Keiichi Eguchi. The Limited Effect of PBL on EFL Learners: A Case Study of English Magazine Projects.
Article 11. Benedict Lin. Genre-based Teaching and Vygotskian Principles in EFL: The Case of a University Writing Course.
Article 12. Neil Heffernen. An integrated approach to teaching academic writing.
Article 13. Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson. Globalization and History of English Education in Japan.
Article 14. Todd Vercoe. Taking Advantage of Cognitive Difference of Asians and Westerners in the Teaching of English

Book Reviews.
Landry, K. Top Notch 1: English for Today’s World,. Saslow, Joan & and Ascher, Allen. NY: Pearson Education, Inc.

Asian EFL Journal 2006 International Conference Videos
Video 1. Professor Ellis
Video 2. Dr. Francis Mangubhai
Video 3. Drs Yafu Gong & Shaoqian Luo

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 Volume 14: August 2006

Yesim Ozek & Muharrem Civelek. A Study on the Use of Cognitive Reading Strategies by ELT Students

Bui Thi Minh Hong. Teaching Speaking Skills at a Vietnamese University and Recommendations for Using CMC
Volume 13: July 2006

Breen, P. The Education of Language Teachers in East Asia

Park, Jinkyu Seam.Language Learning Software Evaluation: Top-down or Bottom-up?


Volume 8. Issue 2: June 2006
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Foreword & Index : Dr. Roger Nunn
Article 1. Reima Sado Al-Jarf: Cross-cultural Communication: Saudi, Ukrainian, and Russian Students Online.
Article 2. Hu Ying-hui: An investigation into the task features affecting EFL listening comprehension test performance.
Article 3. Jason Miin-Hwa Lim: Associating Interference with Strategy Instruction: An Investigation into the Learning of the Present Continuous.
Article 4. Lilian Chen: The Effect Of The Use Of L1 In A Multimedia Tutorial On Grammar Learning: An Error Analysis Of Taiwanese Beginning Efl Learners English Essays.
Article 5. Ming Chung Yu: On the Teaching and Learning of L2 Sociolinguistic Competence in Classroom Settings.
Article 6. Derrick Nault: Using World Literatures to Promote Intercultural Competence In Asian EFL Learners.
Article 7. Forood Sepassi: Age-related Variations in E.F.L Learners Attentiveness to Prosodic vs. Syntactic Cues of Sentence Structure.
Article 9. Eva Bernat: Assessing EAP learners beliefs about language learning in the Australian context
Article 10. Asako Uchibori, Kiyomi Chujo, and Shuji Hasegawa: Towards Better Grammar Instruction: Bridging the Gap between High School Textbooks and TOEIC.

Book Reviews.
1. M.A. Nashwa Ezzat Badr and M.A. Mai Amin Hassan: ESL Writers: A Guide for Writing Center Tutors (eds. Shanti Bruce and Ben Rafoth)

2. Wendy Y.K. Lam: Achieving Success in Second Language Acquisition (Betty Lou Leaver, Madeline Ehrman and Boris Shekhtman)


Volume 12: May 2006

Warrington, S.D. The Time In Between: Socialization Training as a Learning Priority for Japanese University Students

Yang Miao. Validating a Simulated Test of CET 4


Volume 11: April 2006

O’Donnel, T.J. Learning English as a Foreign Language in Korea: Does CALL have a place?

Wang, H., & Sui, D. Measuring Coherence in Chinese EFL Majors Writing through LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis)


Volume 8, Issue 1: March 2006.

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Foreword & Index : Dr. Roger Nunn
Article 1. Ya-Ling Chen. The Influence of Partial English Immersion Programs in Taiwan on Kindergartners Perceptions of Chinese and English Languages and Cultures
Article 2. David R. Litz & Allison K. Smith. Semantically Acceptable Scoring Procedures (SEMAC) Versus Exact Replacement Scoring Methods (ERS) For Cloze Tests: A Case Study
Article 3. Yuh-Mei Chen. EFL Instruction and Assessment with Portfolios: A Case Study in Taiwan
Article 4. Darren Lingley. Apologies Across Cultures: An Analysis of Intercultural Communication Problems Raised in the Ehime Maru Incident
Article 5. In-Jae Jeon & Jung-won Hahn. Exploring EFL Teachers Perceptions of Task-Based Language Teaching: A Case Study of Korean Secondary School Classroom Practice
Article 6. A. H. Abdul Raof and Masdinah Alauyah Md. Yusof. ESP Project Work: Preparing Learners for the Workplace
Article 7. Kaoru Mita, Mika Shirao, Steven Martin, Yuko Hatagaki, Gary Dendo. The Impact of Foreign Asian Students in Japanese University EFL Classrooms
EFL Classrooms
Article 8. Mohammad Ali Salmani-Nodoushan. Language Teaching: State of the Art
Article 9. Ali Al-Issa. The Cultural and Economic Politics of English Language Teaching in Sultanate of Oman
Article 10. A.L. Fenton and Y. Terasawa. Paradigm Lost? A Belated Reply to Jarvis and Atsilarat from Japan


Volume 10: February 2006

Wighting, Mervyn,J., Nisbet, Deanna.L., & Tindall, EVie.R. Exploring a Summer English Language Camp Experience in China: A Descriptive Case Study.

Adamson, John. From EFL to Content-Based Instruction: what English teachers take with them into the sociolinguistics lecture.


Volume 9: January 2006

Brown, David. Conversation Means Talking: A Case Study in Encouraging Participation in a Thai University English Conversation Class

Li-Ling Chen. The Effect of L1 and CAI on Grammar Learning: An Error Analysis of Taiwanese Beginning EFL Learners English Essays.