A Comparison of Word-formation between Chinese and English

| December 31, 2003
A Comparison of Word-formation between Chinese and English

Keywords: Lexicology; compound; derivation; affixation; conversion; blending; loans

Wang Aiguo
College of Humanity and Social Sciences,
Civil Aviation University of China,
Tianjin City, P.R. China

Bio Data
Aiguo Wang is Associate Professor and Director of the Linguistic Institute, Civil Aviation University of China. Besides his teaching of college intensive English, he is co-conducting research and studies on rhetoric for the Civil Aviation Administration of China. This research focuses on contrasting styles between East and West. Professor Wang is a co-author of the soon to be published books, “Olympic English for Cabin Attendants” and “Oral English on Campus.” He obtained his BA and MA from Jilin University.

Word-formation is the study of words, dealing with the construction or formation rules of words in a certain language. This paper studies and analyses various ways of Chinese and English word-formation so that similarities and differences are found between the two languages. Through comparison, Chinese or English learners could have a better way of acquiring either or both of the two languages concerned.

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