An Introduction to Task-Based Language Teaching

| March 29, 2005
An Introduction to Task-Based Language Teaching

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David Nunan
University of Hong Kong

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David Nunan is Director of the English Centre and Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong. He has worked as an ESL/EFL teacher, researcher, curriculum developer, and materials writer in many parts of the world, including Australia, Oman, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK.

He has published books on language teaching curriculum development, discourse analysis, second language teacher education, language teaching methodology, and research methods in applied linguistics.

Dr. Nunan is on the Advisory Board of the Asian EFL Journal

This book began life as the second edition to Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom. The original volume was written in the mid 1980s, and was published in 1989. At that time, task-based language teaching was beginning to arouse attention. Although it was more than a distant prospect, it was far from a mainstream concept. As with the original book, this volume is aimed at practicing teachers in ELT and applied linguists (teacher trainers, language planners, and materials writers), as well as teachers in preparation. When I began working on this volume, I quickly realized how far the field had come. It was brought home to me that I was embarking on the creation, not of a second edition, but of a completely new book, and that in consequence, it deserved a new title.

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