Can you get a first class education at a third tier college in China?

| March 30, 2004
Can you get a first class education at a third tier college in China??

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Niu Qiang, Ph.D.
Tong ji University, Shanghai, China

Martin Wolff, J.D.
Xinyang Agricultural College, Henan Province

Teng Hai
Xinyang Agricultural College

Anne-Marie Gregory, M.Sc.
Xinyang Agricultural College, Henan Province

Bio Data
Niu Qiang, PhD was born and raised in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, PRC. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree (1991) in English from Jilin University; her Master of Arts degree (1996) in English Linguistics from Jilin University; and her PhD (1999) in English Linguistics from Shanghai International Studies University. She is currently an Associate Professor at the School of Foreign Languages, Tong ji University, Shanghai, China, where she teaches Psycholinguistics, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Testing of English as a Second Language.

Martin Wolff, J.D. was born in Rochester, New York, USA. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree (1976) from Loyola University, Los Angeles, Ca. He has taught Legal English, Business English, Business Management, Marketing, Human Relations and English Conversation. He is currently a Foreign Expert at the Xinyang Agricultural College, Henan Province

Teng Hai, Associate Professor, was born in Liaoning Province and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in English at Zhengzhou University (1983). He has been with Xinyang Agricultural College for the past 12 years and since 2002 has added the duties of the Foreign Affairs Office to his portfolio. Mr. Teng Hai was the moving force behind the recent development of the English Department at Xinyang Agricultural College and its acreditation to offer the Bachelor of Arts degree in English. In late 2003 Mr. Teng Hai was promoted to Dean of the Foreign Language Department at Xinyang Agricultural College.

Anne-Marie Gregory, M.Sc. was born in Grantham, Great Britain. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Cambridge University (1998) and her Master of Science degree at Reading University (2001). She is currently a Foreign Expert at Xinyang Agricultural College, Henan Province, PRC.

Few students in Chinese 3rd tier colleges are currently receiving a first class education. Unfortunately this means that they do not develop their full potential and consequently do not contribute fully to China’s society. A paradigm shift in teaching methodologies is needed to ensure that students are taught effectively. More appropriate texts should be adopted. Active participation needs to be emphasized, making students responsible for their own learning. Students need to be introduced to computers and while at college, become fully computer literate. It will be difficult to move away from traditional teaching and assessment methodologies but change is essential for 3rd tier college students to receive a first class education and be competitive in the limited job market
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