Cross-cultural Communication: Saudi, Ukrainian, and Russian Students Online

| June 28, 2006
Cross-cultural Communication: Saudi, Ukrainian, and Russian Students Online

Keywords: cross-cultural communication, EFL, writing, exchange, online instruction, global issues, culture.

Prof. Reima Sado Al-Jarf
King Saud University

Bio Data
Reima Al-Jarf teaches EFL, ESP, linguistics, and translation at KSU, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She has 4 books and 60 articles published in refereed international and national journals. She has given 85 conference presentations worldwide, is a member of 22 professional organizations and has served on international and national committees.

This paper describes a cross-cultural online writing project in which three English-as-a foreign language (EFL) college instructors in Ukraine, Russia and Saudi Arabia and their undergraduate students participated. The aim of the project was to develop students’ writing skills in EFL, to develop their awareness of local and global cultural issues and events, and to develop their ability to communicate and interact with students from other cultures. Thirteen discussion threads, twenty external links, nine documents, three assignments, a photo gallery and Powerpoint presentations were posted in the Nicenet course-site. Quantitative and qualitative analyses of the students’ messages and reactions are reported.

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