Current Debates in SLA

| December 30, 2005
Current Debates in SLA

Keywords: relativisim, rationalism, cognition, etc/emic

Evelyn Doman
Sakura no Seibo Junior College in Fukushima, Japan

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Evelyn Doman currently teaches in the Department of English at Sakura no Seibo Junior College in Fukushima, Japan. She received her MA from the Department of Applied Linguistics at Macquarie University, Australia where she is now a PhD candidate. She has taught English for over 12 years in Japan and Korea. Her academic interests include SLA, TESOL, pragmatics, testing and evaluation, task-based listening and teaching Korean as a foreign language.

Firth and Wagner (1998) point out the imbalance in the field of SLA of cognitive and mental approaches over social and contextual approaches in learning a language. They assert that acquisition cannot occur without usage. In examining the validity of their assertion, this paper traces the pattern of thought about current practices in SLA and questions whether a reconceptualization of the field is necessary or not.

See pages: 131-143

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