Developing “The Course” for College Level English as a Foreign Language Learners and Faculty Members in Vietnam

| March 28, 2007
Developing The Course for College Level English as a Foreign Language Learners and Faculty Members in Vietnam

Keywords: Course Design, Curriculum

Greta J. Gorsuch
Texas Tech University, U.S.

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Greta Gorsuch , Ed.D, Temple University Japan, has taught EFL in Japan and Vietnam, and ESL in the U.S. Her research interests are in reading in EFL settings, evaluation, performance assessment for international teaching assistants, and adult second language acquisition. She has published articles on these topics in English for Specific Purposes, Reading in a Foreign Language, System, TESL-EJ, and TESOL Quarterly. She is also co-author of the Impact textbook series.

In November, 2005, I was informed I would be sent for four months to Vinh University, Nghe An Province, Vietnam, as part of the Fulbright visiting lecturer program. Before this point I knew I would be going to Vietnam sometime in the first half of 2005, although I did not know where, nor what I would be teaching, nor precisely when I was to start. What happens when the teacher/course designer needs to create courses for learners in a context remote from her experience, and in a situation in which knowledge in advance is confused or nonexistent? When the courses are to be taught in an impoverished region in a developing country where resources thought to be basic to many educators in developed countries, such as a selection of textbooks, bookstores, computers and computer printers, copy machines, overhead projectors, and timely mail service, are not readily available? This is a report of what happened in just this situation.

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