Do Academic Reviewers Readily Accept a First-Person Voice?

| June 26, 2008
Do Academic Reviewers Readily Accept a First-Person Voice?

Keywords: writing for academic journals, Generic Conventions

Roger Nunn
Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Dr. Roger Nunn has worked in language teaching in seven different countries for over 30 years. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Communication Department of the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, and Senior Associate Editor of the Asian EFL Journal.

The international EFL teaching community has a variety of communication needs including the need to share unique experience with fellow professionals internationally. This paper will examine the last (March 2008) quarterly issue of AEJ to examine the extent to which our editorial process allows a first-person voice in accepted papers. This is intended to shed light indirectly on the way academic discourse communities may contribute towards suppressing unique individual and cultural voices

See page 210-229

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Category: Main Editions, Volume 10 Issue 2