English-teaching in Elementary Schools in Japan: A Review of a Current Government Survey

| March 25, 2008
English-teaching in Elementary Schools in Japan: A Review of a Current Government Survey

Keywords: English-Teaching in public elementary schools in Japan, Japanese public elementary schools

Daniela Nikolova
Department of English Teaching, Graduate School of Education International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan

Bio Data
Daniela Nikolova graduated from Sofia University with an MA in Japanese linguistics (1998). She is a holder of an MA degree in Education from Tokyo Gakugei Univeristy (2004) and a Ph.D. degree in Education from the International Christian University in Tokyo (2007). Between 2003-2006, she taught English at various public elementary schools in Tokyo as an instructor with Japan Association of Teaching English through Images. She is currently working at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Tokyo as a Culture, Press and Education Counselor.

In this article, I present a critical overview of the current situation in English-Teaching in public elementary schools in Japan whilst making some productive suggestions based upon contemporary research and social trends. I review briefly the history of English language education in Japan previous and current methods of teaching and approaches, and I point out the challenges that the most recent English Language programs face in current school curricula. The conclusions I give are based on the results seen in the Period of Integrated Studies classes as well as responses to questions in a substantial nationwide questionnaire conducted by theMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This survey was in Japanese public elementary schools; with responses from students, homeroom teachers and parents. I also discuss possible solutions to the problems that current English Activities programs in elementary schools encounter and make suggestions for radical changes in the English curriculum.

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Category: Main Editions, Volume 10 Issue 1