Improving an EFL Class: Starting from Classroom Observations

| June 26, 2008
Improving an EFL Class: Starting from Classroom Observations

Keywords: an EFL class, classroom observations, options, preview activities, group discussion, writing practices

Han-Min Tsai
Chungyu Institute of Technology, Taiwan

Bio Data
Han-Min Tsai is an associate professor at Chungyu Institute of Technology, Taiwan, where he has been teaching English since 1986. He has a doctorate in TEFL from the University of Exeter. His research interests include error analysis, EFL students writing anxiety and syllabus design.

This study was based on the belief that observing existing classroom practices could bring forth insights into improving a language teacher s instruction. The main sources of data collection were videotaped classroom observations, a classroom observation protocol, a post-study open-ended questionnaire to the students and a post-study interview with the teacher. Four stages were involved in this study. Stage 1 dealt with pre-observation discussion and negotiation with the teacher. In stage 2 videotaped classroom observations were conducted four times at a junior high school English class in Taiwan. The videotaped classroom activities and instructions were recorded according to the protocol. Stage 3 involved discussing with the teacher the results obtained from the observations, and seeking options to refine classroom practices. The final stage aimed to implement and evaluate the options taken. The reactions from the teacher and students indicated that the options implemented-preview activities, group discussion and controlled/guided writing practices -made English learning more impressive and effective. Limitations of the present study and suggestions for future studies are also discussed.

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Category: Main Editions, Volume 10 Issue 2