Leadership in EFL: Time for Change?

| March 29, 2005
Leadership in EFL: Time for Change?

Keywords: leadership in the field, salient qualities, private language school system in Japan

Neil Heffernan
Ritsumeikan University

Bio Data
Neil Heffernan was born in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to London, Ontario, Canada when he was 7 years old. He has lived in Japan for approximately 9 years teaching English. He currently works at Ritsumiekan University and his research interests mainly include CALL and applied linguistics.

Mr. Heffernan has taught in Japan for approximately 9 years including three private language schools in Japan, and one in Montreal, Canada He currently teaches in the Business department of Ritsumeikan University. Qualifications: B.A. (Anthropology), TEFL Diploma, Ph.D (TESL/TEFL)

There continues to be a large discrepancy between what EFL teachers teach in the classroom and what they learn outside of it, which in turn affects our learners’ ability to study English. This paper takes a look at how this problem can be solved by increasing the roles of leaders in the field. The role of leaders is discussed, as is what these leaders and teachers must do to improve the state of EFL teaching today in Asia. A specific example of the lack of credible leadership in the Japanese private language school system is outlined, as well as what needs to be changed to better suit the needs of Japanese EFL students.

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