Learner Self-management Procedures Reported by Advanced and Intermediate ESL Students

| December 19, 2011
Learner Self-management Procedures Reported by Advanced and Intermediate ESL Students

Keywords: Learner self-management, learner self-management procedures, pre-task planning

Minh Hue Nguyen

Monash University, Australia
Vietnam National University, Vietnam

Bio Data
Minh Hue Nguyen (M.A. in Applied Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington) is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia. She has taught in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in TESOL at Vietnam National University. Her main research interests are in the areas of TESOL teacher education, a sociocultural perspective on language teacher education, and language curriculum development. She works as a reviewer for Asian EFL Journal.

This study aims to investigate the learner self-management procedures that advanced and intermediate ESL students used in their three-week preparation for a five minute seminar as part of their English Proficiency Program at a New Zealand university. The study used learner diaries, follow-up interviews, and classroom observations to collect data from 4 advanced and 6 intermediate ESL students. All of the students from both proficiency groups reported going through a range of self-management procedures including planning, self-monitoring, and problem solving. Both groups reported a limited amount of planning, i.e. setting goals, setting criteria, analyzing the task, and setting a timeline. However, within the planning procedure itself, the groups revealed different focuses. Moreover, the advanced students monitored their preparation more frequently and were better at problem solving than the others. These findings add new insights into the self-management procedures that students of low and high English proficiency followed in three weeks of preparing for their presentation.

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