Mentoring Beginning EFL Teachers at Tertiary Level in Vietnam

| March 25, 2008
Mentoring Beginning EFL Teachers at Tertiary Level in Vietnam

Keywords: mentoring at university, Likert Scale and a Semantic Differential Scale, mentor and mentee

Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa,
University of Queensland, Australia and Vietnam National University, Vietnam

Bio Data
Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa received her MA in Tesol (University of Queensland) and M.Ed. in Educational Management and Leadership (RMIT). She has worked as an EFL teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer, and researcher at the College of Foreign Languages, Vietnam National University in Hanoi for several years. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Mentoring is a prominent approach used in teacher professional development in the world, especially in the U.S.A, U.K. and other Western countries but is not fully employed in beginning teacher education in Vietnam. Therefore, this study examines the current situation of mentoring at university and investigates beginning English language teachers attitudes and feelings toward their mentoring experiences. It is argued that conducting such studies can raise the awareness of mentoring in the process of guiding beginning English language teachers in their new profession. Data for the study was collected by a survey questionnaire which was given to a number of beginning teachers. Descriptive statistical of frequency, mean, standard deviation were applied to examine the data from the survey. The results of the study suggested that although beginning English language teachers in Vietnam valued the role of mentoring in their professional development, it is not fully employed in teacher education for many reasons. Their thoughts about their mentoring can be a blueprint for future implementation of a formal mentoring program.

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