Motivating Writers: The Power of Choice

| September 26, 2008
Motivating Writers: The Power of Choice

Keywords: EFL, Motivation, Action Research, Academic Writing

Galon A. Melendy
Mahidol University International College, Thailand

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Galon Melendy is an academic English and mathematics lecturer at Mahidol University International College. He received his MA in Education (TESOL option) from California State University San Bernardino and is a professionally certified mathematics teacher. Previously, he was a project engineer for Hughes Aircraft. His research interests include literary analysis, student motivation, teaching with exemplars, and action research.

Motivation plays a key role in education. This action research study evaluated the effectiveness of the power of choice of proximal academic goals as a strategy for boosting student motivation in an undergraduate composition and rhetoric course. Students were given choices to select easier or more difficult assessment tasks prior to essay examinations. The results indicated that more students in this sample group selected the most challenging tasks when given the choice. The implications of this study suggest that this approach has the potential to be a valuable motivational strategy in academic writing courses.

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