Preparation for Long-Term Overseas Study: Toward an Integrated Approach

| September 28, 2007
Preparation for Long-Term Overseas Study: Toward an Integrated Approach

Keywords: Preparation for long-term overseas study, curriculum design, needs analysis, conceptual model of instruction

Daniel J. McIntyre
Temple University Japan Campus Japan

Bio Data
Daniel J. McIntyre has taught at universities in the United States and Japan. He has participated in the design and conduct of four preparation programs for overseas study for Japanese university students. He is currently a member of the editorial advisory board of The Language Teacher, the monthly publication of the Japan Association for Language Teaching. From 1996 to 2005, he was editor of two occasional columns of that publication that focused on instructional design. His academic interests include sociocultural theory, instructional design, Contrastive Rhetoric, computer-mediated instruction, and English for Academic Purposes.

Student interest, institutional movement for internationalization, and competition by schools for a decreasing student population have provided impetus for the development of long-term overseas study programs for Japanese university students. This study aimed to determine an appropriate list of needs and goals and a practical comprehensive conceptual framework for preparation programs for long-term overseas study for Japanese university students. Qualitative methods were used, principally consisting of interviews with student participants, interviews with educator expert-practitioners, my participant-observations as a researcher/program coordinator/instructor, and the analysis of data from administrative records. A list of needs and goals and an overarching conceptual framework were determined. The conceptual framework indicated the usefulness of categorizing needs, goals, and entailed approaches into three overlapping, interacting domains: Cognitive/Academic, Linguistic, and Sociocultural. Some curricular and pedagogic implications are proposed.

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