Prospective Teachers and L2 Writing Anxiety

| December 29, 2006
Prospective Teachers and L2 Writing Anxiety

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Derin Atay and Gokce Kurt
Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

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Derin Atay currently works as an Assist. Prof. at the Department of English Language Education at Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey. Her research interests are the use of learning strategies in learning English, and the role of research and multiculturalism in teacher education.

Gocke Kurt is currently working as an instructor at the English Language Teaching Department of Marmara University, Turkey. She is doing her PhD at Bogazici University, Turkey. Her research interests include teaching English to young learners, teacher education and learner autonomy

There has been considerable research which documents the prevalence of writing anxiety in student populations in L1 and L2 settings, and explores the effects of teachers writing anxiety on their teaching practices in L1 settings. The present study discusses the relevant issue from the perspective of prospective teachers. 85 Turkish prospective teachers (PTs) of English participated in this study. Data were collected by means of the Second Language Writing Anxiety Inventory (SLWAI) (Cheng, 2004) and an open-ended questionnaire. Results of the SLWAI showed that more than half of the participating PTs had high or average writing anxiety. PTs responses to the open-ended questionnaire indicated that those with high and average anxiety had difficulties in organizing their thoughts and producing ideas while writing in L2. In addition, PTs cited university instructors and their past L2 writing experiences as the major factors affecting their attitudes towards L2 writing, and discussed the psychological and physiological reactions they had during the writing process. Finally, the responses of the PTs revealed that their writing experiences may affect their future teaching practices.

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