Spoken Features of Dialogue Journal Writing

| June 29, 2005
Spoken Features of Dialogue Journal Writing

Keywords: Journal writing, discourse analysis, returnees

Darren Lingley
Kochi University, Japan)

Bio Data
Darren Lingley has worked in a variety of teaching contexts in Japan for 12 years. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of International Studies at Kochi University in southern Japan where he teaches Intercultural Communication and Comparative Culture. His research interests include content-based language teaching, Intercultural Communication and curriculum design.

This paper uses a student-generated sample of written discourse from a dialogue journal writing project as a means of exploring the interface between written and spoken language. The written sample yields marked similarities with spoken language such as unplanned discourse, a clear interlocutory style and vocabulary selection. The paper includes examples of how dialogue journal entries can be mined for classroom use by the EFL teacher to point out successful discourse strategies, vocabulary choices and features of both written and spoken English. Dialogue journal writing is particularly effective for integrating the skills of returnee students into the EFL classroom.

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Category: Main Editions, Volume 7 Issue 2