Teaching English as a Second Language Through Literature

| December 26, 2009
Teaching English as a Second Language Through Literature

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Brenda Basiga, Ed.D

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Language is a social construct. Is is learned through interaction with others, with social structures and with social forces. It allows one to communicate with others and it plays a key role in the development and the maintenance of culture (Avison and Kunkel, 1987: 51). Language is as integral as culture, as culture is to a person’s sense of being. One of the social functions of a language is to express and pass on one’s cultural ideas and attitudes. Just as language rationalizes one’s environment and its culture, the environment in which one lives influences his language and cultural habits (Marland, 1980; Whof, 1969). Hence, language enables a person to put across his individuality. However, in this age of accelerated globalization, language, specifically the English language , has also become an instrument in the evolution of various cultures. Despite the security of using the “mother tounge” among relatives and friends, it has become imperative for Filipinos to learn English in order to deal with economic matters, to acquire information, to facilitate learning, and to deal with different social and global citizenship concerns.
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