The Contribution of EFL Programs to Community Development in China

| March 28, 2007
The Contribution of EFL Programs to Community Development in China

Keywords: sustainable development, community empowerment, educational opportunities, globalization, social change

Jennifer L. Smith
University of Medical Sciences at Zanjan

Ebrahim Zangani
Zanjan Islamic Azad University

Bio Data
Jennifer Smith is currently working as a lecturer at the university level in Jiangsu Province. Prior to coming to China, she served as an Adult Education Trainer and Director for Red Cross Readiness Programs in South Carolina, USA. Her PhD study investigates how individual identity affects the learning process and subsequent behavior. She holds an MA in International Community Development from Southern Cross University in Australia and an ICAL TEFL diploma Her special interest is in cross-discipline dialogues involving TEFL and education strategies in developing countries.

This article examines the link between the contributions of EFL programs and sustainable community development in China by examining the recent developments in a small northeastern city. It seeks to spur greater dialogue on the value of EFL education initiatives as a means toward greater community empowerment for developing nations throughout Asia, and the need for a more concrete assessment tool for governments to use in evaluating the cost/benefits of EFL programs in regard to community development.

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