The Current Status of English Education in Mongolia

| December 31, 2004
The Current Status of English Education in Mongolia

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Roger Cohen
ELT Department at Inonu University, Malatya, Turkey

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Roger Cohen lived in Mongolia for five years, and worked as a Peace Corps volunteer, Soros Foundation teacher trainer and U.S. State Department English language fellow. He holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies and an M.A. in TESOL. He currently teaches in the English department at the University of Guam.

This essay describes the developments of English language education in the People s Republic of Mongolia since the country s democratic revolution in 1990. Although the use of English in Mongolia has been thriving since this time, virtually no information about this phenomenon has been reported. Therefore, an overview of the country s English language planning policy and governmental and non-governmental English language projects since 1990 will be provided. The acquisition of English among Mongolian students will also be discussed through an evaluation of a study conducted at the National University of Mongolia. Finally, the implications of English on the general education system and the population will also be described in detail.

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