Volume 17 Issue 2 : June 2015 Quarterly Journal

| May 22, 2015

Volume 17, Issue 2 : June 2015 Quarterly Journal

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Main Articles

  1. Foreword by Wen-Chi Vivian Wu
  2. Sayyah Al-Ahmad & Rasheed S. Al-Jarrah. The Impact of Direct Corrective Feedback Type on the Linguistic Accuracy of EFL Students’ Writing
  3. Pino Cutrone. Examining Potential Sources of Miscommunication between Japan and the West:
    Using Grice to Bridge the Sociolinguistic Gap for Japanese EFL Learners
  4. Ling-Hui Hsu. Reengaging Quiet EFL Students in CLT Classrooms: Teachers’ Language Attitude and Students’ Stereotype Threat
  5. Pin He & Sukhum Wasuntarasoph. The Effects of Video Dubbing Tasks on Reinforcing Oral Proficiency for Chinese Vocational College Students
  6. Reza Dashtestani. Towards integrating Computer-based Testing (CBT) into the EFL curriculum: Iranian EFL teachers’ perspectives on challenges and obstacles
  7. Sky Lantz-Wagner. Language Test Preparation in China: A Reflective Perspective on a Communicative Approach

Book Reviews

  1. Language Curriculum Design and Socialisation.
    Peter Mickan. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2013. Pp. xvi + 133.
    Reviewed by Yuka Akiyama, Georgetown University, Washington DC.
  2. Exploring language pedagogy through second language acquisition research
    Rod Ellis and Natsuko Shintani, Routledge: London/New York, 2014. Pp. ix+388.
    Reviewed by Yingli Yang, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, P.R. China

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