Volume 18 Issue 2 : June 2016 Quarterly Journal

| May 27, 2016

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Foreword by Wen-Chi Vivian Wu

  1. Pino Cutrone
    Explicit vs. Implicit Instruction: Investigating Backchannel Behavior in the Japanese EFL Classroom
  2. Susanna S. Yeung, Mei-lee Ng, & Ronnel B. King
    English vocabulary instruction through storybook reading for Chinese EFL kindergarteners: Comparing rich, embedded, and incidental approaches
  3. Ali-Al-Issa
    The Effects and Implications of Implementing Oral Presentations in an Omani ICLHE Classroom
  4. Anna Dina L. Joaquin, Stephanie Hyeri Kim, & Sun-Young Shin
    Examining Prewriting Strategies in L2 Writing: Do They Really Work?
  5. Soyeon Kim
    No Point in Talking about What I Want to the Teachers: A Call for a Dialogic Needs Assessment
  6. Diane Johnson & Hsiu-Chen (Antonia) Lin
    Evaluating genre-based writing instruction: Materials, instructional mode and student learning styles
  7. Ratnawati Mohd-Asraf & Hazlina Abdullah
    English Literacy among Malaysian First Graders: Boys’ Achievement Relative to Girls

Book Reviews

  1. Multiple Perspectives on the Self in SLA
    S.Mercer & M. Williams (eds). 2014. Multilingual Matters: Bristol, ix + 189 pages
    Reviewed by Brian Wadman, Mahidol University, Thailand
  2. Language, Education and Nation-building- Assimilation and Shift in
    Southeast Asia
    P. Sercombe and R. Tupas. Palgrave Macmillan, NY. 2014. Pp. XIV, 264
    Reviewed by Raheb Zohrehfard, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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