What can EFL Teachers Learn from Immersion Language Teaching?

| December 30, 2005
What can EFL Teachers Learn from Immersion Language Teaching?

Keywords: immersion teaching, input, language teaching, communicative language teaching

Francis Mangubhai
University of Southern Quuensland

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Dr. Mervyn Wighting, originally from the south of England, has considerable experience in the education of people from diverse Francis Mangubhai has been a TESOL teacher, a teacher trainer, and a researcher in applied linguistics over three decades. His current research interests are in the area of teacher thinking, learning strategies, beliefs about language learning, and communicative approaches to teaching. He is currently at the University of Southern Quuensland.

Immersion language teaching has developed techniques that enable teachers to make their subject matter, through a second language, more comprehensible. It is argued in this article that EFL teachers can also use techniques used by immersion language teachers in their classrooms. In doing so, teachers will increase the amount of input in the SL provided to their students, make their classroom rich with comprehensible input and thus potentially achieve a better language outcome. The techniques that are briefly discussed and examples provided are: Questioning downward, rephrasing, recasts, modelling or demonstrating, and the use of visuals and realia.

See pages: 203-212

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