Volume 24 Issue 4.2 2019

| June 20, 2019
  1. Abdulkareem Saji Alharbi
    Difficulties Facing Novice English-Language Teachers
  2. Nuchwana Luanganggoon
    Exploring the CLIL Practices in a Thailand Public University: A Comparison of Undergraduate and Graduate Classrooms
  3. Michelle Gumiran-Quijano
    Metafunctions of the Language Used by Three Philippine Presidents: A Critical Discourse Analysis
  4. Marites Q. Catabay
    Error Analysis in Sentence Writing of Second Language Learners
  5. Eladia U. Rivera
    Nurses’ Perspective on Communication and Caring towards Patients
  6. Ria Arellano-Tamayo and Marites Quibol-Catabay
    Syntactical and Structural Analysis of EFL Learners’ Narrative Reports: Basis for the Proposed Business English Subject in Higher Institution
  7. Mai Abdullah Alqaed
    Evaluating Undergraduate English Major Students’ Receptive and Productive Knowledge of English Academic Lexical Collocations
  8. Michelle A. Medina and Conchita M. Temporal
    Text and Context: A Hallidayan Model of Translation Analysis
  9. Jimmylen Z. Tonio, Ali G. Anudin and Rochelle Irene G. Lucas
    Lexical Features and Motivations of Product Reviews on Selected Philippine Online Shops
  10. Alma Bangayan-Manera
    Doodle: Towards a Hermeneutical Appreciation in Jacques Derrida’s Deconstruction
  11. Gemma R. Pascual
    Metacognitive Reading Comprehension Performance of English as a Second Langauage Learners
  12. Ferdinand Bulusan
    Language Policies and Challenges in Promoting Minority Languages in Asia:
    A Systematic Literature Review
  13. Gay Maribel Lynda M. Mina
    Tracing Early Childhood Development Changeson Preschool Learners’ Language- and Non-Language-Related Skills
  14. Shella D. Dela Cruz
    English Speaking Anxieties: Sources and Remedies
  15. Edlyn R. Narag and Ria Arellano-Tamayo
    Classroom Participation: College Students’ Perceptions
  16. Myla L. Santos
    Analysis of the Grammatical Construction and Compositionality of Verbal Problems: Linguistics and Logic Interface in the Language Mathematics
  17. Laureana M. Lingan, Marie Claudette M. Calanoga, Cynthia B. Julian and Magda L. Frutas
    The Art of Questioning and Its Relationship to Academic Performance
  18. Robin V. Guillermo
    Awareness and Use of Cohesive Devices in the English Language of Senior Education Students
  19. Christopher Lord T. Tulauan and Ruth N. Maguddayao
    MOOCing and Languaging: The CBI Experience
  20. Cynthia B. Julian, Maribel F. Malana and Marie Claudette M. Calanoga
    How’s my English? Communications Skills: A Relevant Indicator of Work Success
  21. Beatriz G. Clemente
    Philippine Literature as a Vehicle to Strengthen Values Education


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