Volume 25 Issue 5.2 2019

| November 21, 2019
  1. Muhammad Jafar and Andi Qashas Rahman
    Exploring Teachers’ Perception of Professional Development in Indonesian EFL Classroom
  2. Amaluddin, Sapri and Rahmatullah Syaripuddin
    Student’s Voice: A Case of Significance in Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL)
  3. Aidil Syah Putra
    The Correlation of EFL Student’s Learning Style and Writing Skill at Vocational High School
  4. Iwan Jazadi and IGA Widari
    Introducing English Learning Strategy as a Compulsory Subject: A Reflective Study at English Education Department in Regional Indonesia
  5. C. Gangalakshmi and R. Naganathan
    Machinery Learning – Implication of Blended Learning for Higher Education students in down south India
  6. Andi Hudriati, Rusdiah, Muli Umiaty Noer and Muhammad Arham
    EFL Students’ Attitude on Mendeley-Based Instruction for Scientific Writing in Indonesian Higher Education
  7. Akmal Hamsa and Sukardi Weda
    Comparative Study in Indonesian and English: Identifying Linguistic Units of Comparison
  8. Kembong Daeng and Sukardi Weda
    Contrastive Analysis of Makassarese, Indonesian, and English Syntax
  9. Sebastianus Menggo, I Made Suastra and Ni Nyoman Padmadewi
    Self-Recording Videos to Improve Academic English-Speaking Competence
  10. Muli Umiaty Noer, Rusdiah and Andi Hudriati
    Multicultural Education Approach: Perspectives of Learners on Resolving University Student Conflicts in South Sulawesi
  11. Annie Mae C. Berowa, Jennibelle R. Ella and Rochelle Irene G. Lucas
    Perceived Offensiveness of Swear Words Across Genders
  12. Eden G. Aquino and Arnel R. Madrazo
    Deciphering Meaning in the Chabacano Speakers’ Illocutionary Acts
  13. Bernardita G. Bacang, Richard M. Rillo and Ericson O. Alieto
    The Gender Construct in the Use of Rhetorical Appeals, Hedges and Boosters in ESL Writing: A Discourse Analysis
  14. I Wayan Agus Anggayana, I Gede Budasi and Irawinne Rizki Wahyu Kusuma
    Social Dialectology Study of Phonology in Knowing English Student Speaking Ability
  15. Maisa, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati and Didi Suherdi
    Scrutinizing the Effect of E-Learning to the Students’ Attitude: Affective, Cognitive and Behaviour in the Classroom at EFL Context A case study of five students in University Level


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