Volume 26 Issue 6.1 2019

| January 21, 2020
  1. Criselda Ricohermoso, Bernadeth T. Abequibel and Ericson O. Alieto
    Attitude towards English and Filipino as Correlates of Cognition toward Mother Tongue: An Analysis among would-be Language Teachers
  2. Kammer Tuahman Sipayung and Tagor Pangaribuan
    Developing Teaching Materials on English for Specific Purpose on Tourism Program of HKBP Grade Eleven
  3. Made Frida Yulia and Gunadi Harry Sulistyo
    Academic Reading Engagement among EFL Teacher Candidates: A Pilot Study
  4. Sardian Maharani Asnur, Mansur Akil, Haryanto Atmowardoyo and Abdul Halim
    A Corpus-Based Study: Specialized Vocabulary of English for Islamic Studies for Indonesian Islamic Students
  5. Tammasse, Jumraini and Fathu Rahman
    Some Difficulties in Verbalizing English Words and Phrases: A Case Study of Suspected Dyslexic Children
  6. Ma. Blancaflor R. Jimeno
    Communication Strategies and Readiness of Coaches in the Prevention of Sports Injuries from Psychological and Physical Related Antecedents
  7. Marcelina G. Carpizo
    Communication Barriers Among Children in Difficult Situations
  8. Baderiah, Muhaemin and Sukirman
    Designing an Appropriate Instrument for ELT Curriculum Design Evaluation in Indonesian Islamic Higher Education
  9. Teresita C. Molano 
    Language Learning Strategies, Gender and Proficiency of Pre-Service ESL Learners
  10. Fathu Rahman, Asriani Abbas and Munira Hasyim
    Facebook Group as Media of Learning Writing in ESP Context: A Case Study at Hasanuddin University
  11. Christine Iñez B. Aquino-Padlan and Presley V. De Vera
    Sex-Disaggregated Inventory of Sexist-Oriented and Other Types of Lexical Errors among First Year BSE English Students
  12. Kristopher L. Lopez and Boyet L. Batang 
    Code Switching Among Pre-Service ESL Students
  13. Elisabet Titik Murtisari, Gita Hastuti and Gita Hastuti Ratna Windhi Arsari
    EFL Students’ Perception of Grammar Teaching: Isolated or Integrated in Skill Courses?
  14. Manuel R. Tanpoco, Richard M. Rillo and Ericson O. Alieto
    Filipino to English Transfer Errors in Writing Among College Students: Implications for the Senior High School English Curriculum
  15. Wilda Nurhayatun
    Illocutionary Acts in the 2016 USA Presidential Debates


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