Volume 27 Issue 2.1 April 2020

| April 15, 2020
  1. Dianping Liu
    College English Classroom Instruction Design Based on English Key Competences in Ethnic Minority Regions in China
  2. Waleed B. Al Abiky
    Attitudes of Saudi EFL Pre-service Teachers Towards Teaching as a Profession
  3. Abdullah Ahmed Zughaibi and Bakil Ali Alwalss
    The Use of Language Practice Tests as a Consolidation Technique for Grammar and Vocabulary
  4. Dina Abdel Salam El-Dakhs, Mona Salem and Jawaher Nasser Al-Haqbani
    The Influence of L1 Congruency, L2 Exposure and Word Class on Collocation Learning: The Case of Arab Learners of English
  5. Junaidi Mistar and Alfan Zuhairi
    Grammar Learning Strategies across Individual Differences and Their Relationship with Grammar Mastery
  6. Tammy Huei-Lien Hsu
    Perceptions and understandings of Taiwanese stakeholders about the CEFR
  7. Ahlam Alharbi
    A Psychodiscourse Analysis of Affective Aspects of Learning Experience: A Triangulated Mixed Design
  8. Yuko Hakozaki and Yuya Nakagawa
    Teaching Stress-timed Rhythm of English at the Japanese Elementary School Level: Focusing on the Effects of Using Chants
  9. Hee Jun Choi and Octavia Mantik
    The Effect of Scaffolded Think-Group-Share Learning on Students’ Delayed Retention in EFL Classes of an Elementary School
  10. Nguyen Thu Hanh
    Captioned Slideshows in Improving Speaking Skills of Students at College of Foreign Languages, Vietnam
  11. Tayyaba Tamim
    Monolingual Policies and Plurilingual Practices in English Language Classrooms: Addressing Shared Guilt and Threats
  12. Nada Alkhatib
    Academic Writing Challenges: Comparing Non-native and Native English-Speaking Students in UK Universities
  13. Yuni Budi Lestari
    Teacher Agency and Localisation of English Language Teaching in Indonesia
  14. Philline M. Deraney and Amani K. Hamdan Alghamdi
    Faculty Development Needs of EFL Instructors in a Foundation Year Program
  15. Irina Savchenko, Zhanna Nikonova, Maria Vikulina, Liudmila Bolsunovskaya and Anna Gorokhova
    Axiological Potential of Sociocultural Language Mission in Education


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