Volume 27 Issue 3.1 June 2020

| June 17, 2020
  1. Astrit Maria
    Innovative Drilling Techniques for Language Teachers Practicing TEYL
  2. Nurdevi Bte Abdul, Murni Mahmud, Basri Wello and Syarifuddin Dollah
    Instructional Communication: Form and Factors Affecting Students Participation at Higher Education Class
  3. Junette B. Buslon, Ericson O. Alieto , Vilma L. Pahulaya and Aubrey F. Reyes
    Gender Divide in Attitude towards Chavacano and Cognition towards Mother Tongue among Prospective Language Teachers
  4. Presley V. de Vera
    Gender Mainstreaming the Organizational Communication Policies and Practices of Local Government Units in Pangasinan
  5. Reza Raissi, Maryam Beiki and Neda Gharagozloo
    The Effect of Collaborative versus Cooperative Pre-writing Task on Writing Ability of Iranian EFL Learners
  6. Muhammad Anwar, Yusri and Hasmawati
    Improving Student’s Speaking Performance and Self-Confidence Using Mind Mapping Model in Foreign Language Learning
  7. Fitriah Fahruddiningrum
    Mixing Use of Sasak and English Languages among the Mandalika Community in Kuta Beach (Central Lombok, Indonesia)
  8. Joel M. Torres, Leila M. Collantes, Emily T. Astrero, Arceli R. Millan and Carlo M. Gabriel
    Pandemic Humor: Inventory of the Humor Scripts Produced during the COVID-19 Outbreak
  9. Chaidir Malik, Murni Mahmud, Anshari Anshari and Kisman Salija
    EFL Teachers’ Strategies in Teaching English at Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri, Indonesia
  10. Maryam Beiki, Neda Gharagozloo and Reza Raissi
    Iranian EFL Learners’ Perceptions towards the Cooperative Learning (CL) Implementation in Islamic Azad University
  11. Rowena P. Balinon and Boyet L. Batang
    Effects of Teaching Strategies on Reading Comprehension Development
  12. Murni Mahmud
    Managing Respect among English Students in Social Media Conversations (Whatsapp Chats) through Polite Expressions
  13. Abbas H. Al-Shammari
    A Vision of the Second Language Teaching and Neurolinguistics
  14. Adel Refaat Mahfouz
    False Friends in Egyptian and Saudi Dialects: A Socio-Semantic Study
  15. Sami Hussein Hakeem Barzani
    The Perceptions of EFL Teachers and Students on the use of Short Stories to Enhance Reading Comprehension
  16. Malak Ibraheem Almansour and Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal
    Enhancing the Speaking Proficiency of Undergraduate ESP Students through the Use of Blended Learning Approach
  17. Raja Muhammad Ishtiaq Khan, Noor Raha Mohd Radzuan, Muhammad Shahbaz and Tribhuwan Kumar
    An Investigation of the Reliability Analysis of Speaking Test
  18. Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal and Nadia Muhammad Awdh Hussein
    WhatsApp as a writing tool in EFL Classroom: A study across two universities in Saudi Arabia
  19. Seham Elashhab
    The Impact of Translanguaging on the EFL Competence Development of Arabic Speaking Learners
  20. Reham Ibrahim Alkhudiry
    Teaching English Using One-Way and Two-way Communication: A Case Study in an EFL Context

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