Volume 27 Issue 3.2 June 2020

| June 17, 2020
  1. Fakhir Omar Mohammed, Idrees Ali Zebari, Sanan Shero Malo and Hozan Gorgeen Othman
    The Effect of Increasing Student Talking Time on University EFL Students’ Comprehension of Pragmatic Concepts
  2. Ammang Latifa, Rafi’ah Nur and Abd. Syukur
    Utilizing the Visible Thinking to Encourage Indonesian EFL Learner to Speak English
  3. Shella Danga-Dela Cruz
    Saving the Face: Language Courtesy Strategies Among Students
  4. Ernawati, Nurafiat Budiman and Ammang Latifa
    Increasing the Students’ Ability in Writing Announcements through Guided Writing Technique
  5. John Christopher D. Castillo, Jasmine Nadja J. Pinugu, Angel Lorraine Q. Bernabe and Shaina Jen Mikaela M. Pasay
    Achievement Goal Orientation, Self-Efficacy, and Classroom Climate as Predictors of Writing Performance of Filipino Senior High School students
  6. Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir and Hanapi Hanapi
    Designing the Indonesian Local Language Learning in English Teaching at the Multilingual Classroom Context
  7. Ilmiah, Sarah Gartdland and Muhammad Basri
    Attitude and Approach of the Lecturers on CTL Based Instruction in Teaching Paragraph Writing
  8. La Sunra and Zahraini Fajri Nur
    Student Teachers’ Questioning Strategy in EFL Microteaching Class
  9. Amirullah Abduh and Samirah Dunakhir
    The Challenges of Learning English for Accounting in an Indonesian University
  10. Markus Deli Girik Allo, Asfah Rahman and Sultan
    A Critical Discourse Analysis on Lecturers’ Language Power in EFL Teaching (An Ethnography Study at a Higher Education)
  11. Shafa, Muhammad Basri, Amirullah Abduh and Andi Anto Patak
    Multicultural Education-Based Instruction in Teaching English for Indonesian Islamic Higher Education
  12. Nining Ismiyani
    The perceptions of Educators for Gamification approach: The Effectiveness of Kahoot in Teaching English
  13. Edhy Rustan and Nurul Khairani Abduh
    Cultural Value-based Design for Learning Speaking for Foreign Indonesian Language Learners
  14. Vivit Rosmayanti, Andi Ummul Khair and H. Syamsuni Carsel
    The Implementation of Flipped Classroom in Micro Teaching Class
  15. Budi Rahayu and Yulini Rinantanti
    The Effects of Multiple Intelligence to English Achievement of Papuan EFL Learners
  16. Ahmad Rossydi
    Hybrid English Learning Program (HELP) in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language: ESP for Air Traffic Controller Students
  17. Amaluddin, NurAlam and Rahmatullah Syaripuddin
    The Students’ First Language Interference on Their Written English Production at SMK Negeri 1 Palopo
  18. Nur Aeni, Geminastiti Sakkir and Mardiyanah Nasta
    Wondershare Filmore in Teaching Vocabulary for Maritime Students
  19. Roderick Julian Robillos
    Instruction of Metacognitive Strategies: Its Role on EFL Learners’ Listening Achievement and Awareness of their Metacognitive Listening Strategies and Self-Regulation of Learning
  20. Shalini Upadhyay and Nitin Upadhyay
    Incorporating Twitter for Second Language Acquisition: Framework and Evidence
  21. Hamsidar, Amaluddin and Sri Nur Asti Addas
    Take and Give Learning Model in Effecting the Student’s Speaking Skill

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Category: 2020 Monthly Editions