Volume 27 Issue 4.1 October 2020

| October 26, 2020
  1. Shinjae Park
    Analyzing the Relationship between Korean Speakers’ Perception and Production of Second Language Onset Clusters
  2. Nuraihan Mat Daud, Nor Shidrah Mat Daud and Jantima Simpson
    Second Language Learners’ (English Majors) Writing Apprehension and their Use of Online Applications for Writing
  3. Emiko Yukawa
    Local and Foreign Students’ Views of English-Medium Instruction (EMI) and the Use of Multiple Languages for Learning
  4. Ni Komang Arie Suwastini, Wayan Lasmawan, Ni Nyoman Artini and Ni Wayan Surya Mahayanti
    Mixed-Messages about Environmental Awareness in Disney’s 2016 Finding Dory
  5. Ujang Suparman, Ridwan Ridwan and Hasan Hariri
    Promoting Learning Performance and Learning Outcomes: The Case of an Indonesian School
  6. Ying Zhou and Juming Shen
    Speaking Difficulties and Strategy Use of EMI Undergraduates in Mainland China
  7. Abdulaziz Ali Al-Qahtani
    Teaching Pragmatic Competence in EFL Context: The Case of Saudi EFL Teachers
  8. Abdulhameed Abdulhadi Alhuwaydi
    L2 Reading Anxiety and Reading Comprehension among Undergraduates: A Correlative Study
  9. Wafa’ A. Hazaymeh
    The Impact of Integrating Digital Technologies with Learners’ Multiple Intelligences to Facilitate Learning English as a Foreign Language
  10. Ujang Suparman, Ridwan Ridwan and Hasan Hariri
    Overcoming Students’ English Pronunciation in Remote Area, Indonesia
  11. Nadya Nurhidayah N, Nurfitriyah Halim and Muhammad Basri
    Analyzing Student’s Learning Outcome Using Systemic Approach
  12. Jin Guan
    Pragmatic Transfer in Refusals of Requests by Chinese University ESL Learners
  13. Sultan and Sakinah Fitri
    The University Students Online Reading Behavior: Gender, Subject Area, and Academic Achievement in the Digital Era
  14. Eka Prabawati Rum, Mark Garner and Muhammad Basri
    Lecturers’ Approaches to Developing Students’ Interpersonal Communication Skill in Indonesian EFL Classroom
  15. Sahraini and St.Hartina
    Developing English Material for Early Childhood Education Students at the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training in Islamic Higher Education, Indonesia
  16. Hery Yufrizal
    Assessment of Oral Language and the Mastery of Discourse Analysis Subject for University Students
  17. Shifan Thaha Abdullateef and Asma’ Abdelhaleem Amer
    Learner Autonomy: Enhancing Language Skills of EFL Learners Using Applications

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Category: 2020 Monthly Editions