Volume 27 Issue 4.2 October 2020

| November 1, 2020


  1. Safa’a Alahmad and Sabitha S. R. Najeeb
    Towards Developing Learner Autonomy: An Investigation into the Use of Technology-based Instruction in a Poetry Course
  2. Huda Suleiman Al Qunayeer
    The perils of Arabic consonants: What do the English speakers have to say?
  3. Muhammed Salim Keezhatta
    Exploring nascent trends and developments emanating in the domain of learning and assessment of English as a Foreign Language at undergraduate English majors of Saudi Arabia
  4. Ngo Phuong Anh
    Developing an autonomous class model for EFL students in Vietnam
  5. Behzad Anwar, Muhammad Ajmal & Dr. Muhammed Salim Keezhatta
    Nativization of Grammatical Features in Pakistani English
  6. Mahmudah, M.Hum & Sukardi Weda
    Syntax: Indonesian and English Constituent Order in Comparison
  7. Katsarou, E, Kambakis-Vougiouklis, P.
    Exploring the Role of Self-regulation Capacity and Self-esteem on Vocabulary Learning Strategy Use by Greek university learners

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Category: 2020 Monthly Editions