Volume 27 Issue 4.3 October 2020

| November 9, 2020
  1. Wahidah, Muhammad Idris and Resky Yuliana
    High Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) Principles in Developing Students Worksheet
  2. Aris Badara, Hanna, Achmat Saepul, Citra Marhan and Yuliastri Ambar Pambudhi
    Psychological Factors that Hinder Students’ Reading Comprehension
  3. Ambo Dalle, Johar Amir and Amirullah Abduh
    A Constrastive Approach on Foreign Languages: German and English Tenses
  4. Harwati Hashim, Melor Md. Yunus and Nur Yasmin Khairani Zakaria
    Pre-University ESL Learners’ Attitude Towards M-Learning: An Investigation on the Moderating Role of Gender
  5. Edward Jay M. Quinto, Eunbi Kwon and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan
    What does competence mean during the transition to language teaching?Insights from future-oriented identities of Filipino NLTs
  6. Yongming Luo
    Situating the Rhetoric in Nelson Mandela’s Oratorical Speech
  7. Shoaib Saeed Fahady
    Assessing EFL Post Graduate Students’ Writing Skills
  8. Muhammad Ali, Sadia Ali and Muhammad Usman Ghani
    Pakistani Textbooks and Native English Corpora: A Corpus-Based Comparative Analysis of Lexical Collocations
  9. Muhammad Ajmal, Saleh Alrasheedi and Dr. Zahoor Hussain
    The Semantics of the Modal Verbs: A Corpus-based Analysis of Manipulation and Ideology in Literary Text(s)
  10. Shaima M. Saalh and Hind Salim
    The Habits of Mind in Constructing Typical EFL Teacher’s Stereotypes
  11. Shaima M. Saalh
    The Effect of Flow as a Strategy on EFL Student-teachers’ Performance and their Flow
  12. Iftikhar Alam and Akhter Habib Shah
    Investigating the Impact of Social Networks on English Writing Anxiety of the Common First-Year Students
  13. Rasib Mahmood, Tariq Rasheed and Shouket Ahmad Tilwani
    Effect of Stress Perception of L1 on L2: A Case Study of Pakistani (Punjabi) Students
  14. Mohammad Shariq and Abdullah H. Alfauzan
    The Role of Social Media in Creating Social Awareness of COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia: An Empirical Study
  15. Ahdi Hassan, Asma Shahid Kazi, Asmara Shafqat and Zubair Ahmed
    The Impact of Process Writing on the Language and Attitude of Pakistani English Learners
  16. Ericson Alieto, Bernadeth Abequibel and Criselda Ricohermoso
    An Investigation on Digital and Print Reading Attitudes: Samples from Filipino Preservice Teachers from a Non-metropolitan-based University
  17. Mary Rose A. Natividad
    Difficulties of Pre-Service Teachers in Oral Communication Skills
  18. Fahad Saleh Suleiman Alfallaj and Ahmed Ali Hassan Al-Ma’amari
    Linguistic mobility as representative of Class Configuration: COVID-induced changes
  19. Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal and Fahd Hamad Alqasham
    Saudi EFL Learning and Assessment in Times of Covid-19: Crisis and Beyond
  20. Muhammad Ajmal, Tribhuwan Kumar and Akhter Habib Shah
    The Application of Literary Text in Language Classroom: A Pedagogical Stylistics Perspective
  21. Keith H. Cipriano, Krisha Camille R. Angoluan and Ariane Milagrosa T. Pantaleon
    It’s a (Wo)Man’s World: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Female and Male Relationship Dynamics

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Category: 2020 Monthly Editions