Volume 27 Issue 4.4 October 2020

| November 10, 2020
  1. Susanto
    Teacher Online Talk: Scale Development and Validation in English Language Teaching Context
  2. Ramon Medriano, Jr. and Presley V. de Vera
    Usability Heuristic Evaluation of the 2012 Ed., ORELT Module 2: Speaking for Better Communication
  3. Dian Novita, Oikurema Purwati, Syafi’ul Anam and Slamet Setiawan
    Using Local Contents in English Materials: A Manifestation of Maintaining Local Wisdom in English Language Teaching
  4. Dwi Ima Herminingsih and Mohamad Jazeri
    Exploring Language Input and Provoking Language Output to Raise English Attainment of the University Students
  5. Yasir Mohammed Saleh, Athraa Mohammed Salih and Rashid Burhan Rashid
    A syntactic difference between the finite and non-finite English clauses with reference to the Arabic ones: A contrastive study
  6. Abdulghani Ali Al-Hattami and Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal
    Detecting Language Disorders and Anxiety among Young Learners: Remediation Options in the Current Educational Paradigm
  7. Tribhuwan Kumar
    Impact of motivation and group cohesion in EFL Classrooms at Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, KSA
  8. Mohammed Ali Mohammed Qarabesh
    Learning Style Preferences and Attitudes to MOOCs: Common Grounds for Saudi EFL Learners’ Success
  9. Wi’am Majeed Mohammed
    The Acquisition of Emphatic Verb Forms by Iraqi EFL University Students
  10. Abdurrazzag Alghammas
    Online Language Assessment during the COVID-19 Pandemic: University Faculty Members’ Perceptions and Practices
  11. Ameen Alahdal
    A Lexical Approach to the Syntax of Negation in Arabic
  12. Shaima M. Saalh and Shahad Hatim Kadhim
    The EFL Students’ Academic Buoyancy in Reading and Listening Skills
  13. Tan Jinjin and Mohd Salehuddin Abd Aziz
    Designing an Efficient Oral English Test Through a Comparative Analysis of three Spoken English Test Modes in China, a Literature Review
  14. Fahad Hamad M. Aljumah
    A Comparative Study of Level One and Level Two Undergraduate Students’ Competency in Tenses and Aspects
  15. Muayad Mingher Al-Shemmery, Hisham Adnan AlMumar and Ali Chyad Abid
    Iraqi English Learners’ Identification of Phrasal Verbs
  16. Mohammed Mahib ur Rahman
    Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes towards Learning English: A Case Study at the College of Arabic Language and Social Studies, Qassim University
  17. Ameen Alahdal, Fahad Ibraheem Abdullah Aldhali and Afreen Bahari
    Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Mental Health Concerns of University Students in KSA: An Empirical Study at Qassim University
  18. Ahmed Yahya Almakrob
    Native versus Nonnative English writers’ use of hedging in Linguistics Dissertations
  19. Akhter Habib Shah
    The Impact of Using the Mind Map Strategy on Undergraduate Students’ Achievement in Development of English Vocabulary
  20. Mely Jane Jacinto and Ericson Alieto
    Virtual Teaching Attitude and Technological Competence among English as Second Language (ESL) Teachers: Implications for the Management of Learning
  21. Randa Abdou Soliman
    An Analysis of the Cultural Content and Ideological Underpinnings of an English Language Textbook
  22. Shela S. Rosales
    Seeing the ‘Hidden’ Disability: A Quantitative Analysis of the Reading Comprehension in English of Learners Suspected with Dyslexia

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