Volume 28 Issue 1.1 February 2021

| February 7, 2021


  1. Fahd Hamad Alqasham, Arif Ahmed Al-Ahdal, Ali Babekir
    Coherence and Cohesion in Saudi EFL Learners’ Essay Writing: A Study at a Tertiary-level Institution
  2. Mariam Yousef Abduh
    Full-time Online Assessment during COVID -19 Lockdown: EFL Teachers’ Perceptions
  3. Quratulain Mirza, Habibullah Pathan, Sameena Khokhar, Muhammad Arslan Raheem, Faiza Mushtaq
    English Reading Habits in Online Learning among Tertiary Learners in Pakistan: Evaluating the impact of COVID
  4. Mohammad Mahyoob
    The Influence of Stress on Allophonic Alteration in Standard Arabic: An Optimality Theoretic Perspective
  5. Edi Puryanto, Yumna Rasyid, Fathiathy Murtadho
    Prior Knowledge-Based Metacognition Strategies in Developing Students’ Writing Skills Assessment Tools: Preparing the Student Teachers
  6. Yasamiyan Alolaywi
    Translating Poetic Wisdom from Arabic into English: A Stylistic Linguistic Analysis
  7. Elena V. Kirillina, Natalya V. Lysanova, Natalya N. Alexeeva
    Mental Attitude and Effective English Language Learning: A Study of Indigenous People of North Eastern Siberia
  8. Ahmed Aromaih
    University EFL Learners’ Attitudes towards Using Smart Phones for Developing Language Learning Skills during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  9. Appalal Attar
    Literature in the EFL/ESL Classroom: Exploring New Dimensions for Enrichment of the Learning Process
  10. Paiker Fatima Mazhar Hameed, Appalal Abdulgaffar Attar
    Mother Tongue in EFL Classrooms: A Critical Study of Teachers’ Outlook and Practices
  11. Murad Abdu Saeed Mohammed
    Does Teacher Feedback Mode Matter for Language Students?
  12. Hailah Alhujaylan
    Incidental Vocabulary Learning through Multimodal Input in CALL Environment

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Category: 2021 Monthly Edition