Identity and Self in Second Language Acquisition

| December 3, 2013
Identity and Self in Second Language Acquisition

Keywords: Identity, Self, CLIL, Contextual language learning, LGBT, Feminism, Minority issues

Sean Eric Kil Patrick Gay
Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Bio Data
Sean Gay is a Lecturer at Ritsumeikan University in western Japan, where he teaches in the science and engineering department, promoting the development of English as an aspect of the students’ future scientist selves. He is also working on research into pedagogy and a PhD addressing health and education.

Interest in the development of identity and self as aspects of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is increasing, being most deeply addressed in feminist, LGBTQ, and cultural minority fields of research. Examining how identity is addressed in these fields and looking at the pedagogical implications of moving to an identity and self-formation-based understanding of SLA could produce a necessary paradigm shift within the ESL/EFL classroom. This paradigm shift could go alongside the shift towards a more content and language integrated learning (CLIL) oriented classroom, a shift from the language learned as a language to a language learned for use in a variety of contexts by a variety of individuals.

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Category: Monthly Editions, Volume 15 Issue 4