Munby’s ‘needs analysis’ model and ESP

| October 5, 2005
Munby’s ‘needs analysis’ model and ESP

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Phan Le Ha
Monash University
The aim of this paper is to discuss some criticisms made of Munby’s (1978) book ‘Communicative Syllabus Design’ with a particular focus on Munby’s ‘needs analysis’ model. It also points out some validity of this model in ESP (English for Specific Purposes) course design. Although the model has been a target for criticisms since it was introduced, it is useful to identify some of its values which can be applied to teach English in ESL and EFL contexts. It will be argued that in most situations this model is impractical. However, from my own teaching experience, some of its values prove to be useful. Importantly, it is necessary to justify that Munby’s approach should be drawn on as reference or a partly socio-linguistic base for designing a syllabus
[private] See pages: 150 -158

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