Teaching Interactive Strategies with Video Clips

| October 24, 2012
Teaching Interactive Strategies with Video Clips

Keywords: Near Peer Role Modeling, Interactive Strategies, Learning and Interaction.

Troy Miller
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

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Troy has been teaching EFL in high schools and universities in Japan for 20 years. He currently resides in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, with his family and teaches at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies. His research interests are non-native speaker negotiation and learning through interaction.

Young EFL learners are often hesitant to speak up and participate in Oral Communication courses. This paper presents an effective use of Near Peer Role Modeling (NPRMing) combined with video clips as a way to model interactive strategies. This paper looks at the theoretical background behind interactive strategies, interaction and learning, and NPRMing. It also explains and gives examples of how to use the clips in activities or as strategy reviews in conversation classes.

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