Volume 89 – January 2016 – Teaching Article

| January 1, 2016

Volume 89 – January 2016 – Teaching Article

  1. Syamsul Una
    The Use of Parallel Team- Teaching: The Case of Teaching Speaking for Economics Students in the Indonesian Context
  2. Nadezhda Chubko
    Internet-Based Interactive Grammar Games as a Part of the English Language Proficiency Test Preparation Course: Positive Attitudes Result in Higher Test Scores
  3. Syarifah Farahdiba & Andi Asrifan
    Speaking Ability and Psychological Barriers of the Second Year Students of Hotel Department of SMKN 1 Sidenreng Kabupaten Sidrap in Speaking English
  4. Toshie Agawa & Osamu Takeuchi
    Re-examination of Psychological Needs and L2 Motivation of Japanese EFL learners: An Interview Study
  5. Azlin Zaiti Zainal & Hee Sio Ching
    Negotiation of Meaning in Face- to- Face Interaction among High Proficiency ESL Learners: ‘Generation Y’ Gender Interaction


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