Volume 95 – October 2016 – Teaching Article

| September 30, 2016

Volume 95 – October 2016 – Teaching Article

Table of Contents

  1. Pham Huu Duc
    A Computer-Based Model for Assessing English Writing Skills for Vietnamese EFL Learners
  2. Syarifuddin Dollah and Mustaqimah
    The Attitude of Hotel Department Students towards Learning English in Relation to their Learning Strategies and Achievement in Indonesian Context
  3. Tusyanah, Ida Maftukhah, Sandy Arief, and Wijang Sakitri
    The Contribution of Classical Music Given Outdoor to Improve Indonesian High School Students’ Ability in Descriptive Text Writing
  4. Ying LI
    The Role of Mandarin Speakers’ Mimicry Ability in Their Accurate Pronunciation of French
  5. Ying LI
    Degree of Foreign Accent in English Production by Japanese, Thai and Italian Adults and Children
  6. Yanina V. Ermakova, Natalia V. Demyanenko, Vasiliy N. Kurovskii, Anna V. Tsepilova, and Svetlana A. Kadochnikova
    The Concept and Blended Learning Models of Engineering Students when Learning a Foreign Language
  7. Huimei Grace Yang
    A Comparison Study on the Differences and Relationship of Quality of Life and English Learning Achievements of the NQU English Majors Graduated from Senior High School and Vocational High School


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