Volume 96 – November 2016 – Teaching Article

| October 24, 2016

Volume 96 – November 2016 – Teaching Article

Table of Contents

  1. Chaehee Park
    A study on the phonology of Korean L1 and English L2: Phoneme and sub-syllabic structure differences
  2. Jingjing Qin
    Arabic EFL University Students’ Use of Source Texts in Argumentative Writing
  3. Christina D. Vicencio and Christopher S. Vicencio
    Comparison of Code-Switching Behaviors of Male and Female Classroom Teachers across Age Groups
  4.  Satima Rotjanawongchai
    How Teachers Can Make the Keyword Method More Challenging for Students
  5.  Ouda Teda Ena, Made Frida Yulia, and Carla Sih Prabandari
    Gender Roles and Representations in the English E-Textbooks for Junior High School in Indonesia
  6. Hsiu Chiao (Sally) Fan
    Employing Inspiring and Appealing Materials as Supplemental Reading to Improve EFL Learners’ English Language Competence
  7. Mihretu Yihunie Yalew
    Investigating Grade-Nine EFL Teachers’ and Learners’ Beliefs towards CLT and Perceived Difficulties in Implementing Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in EFL: The Case of Three Debre Markos Secondary Schools, in Ethiopia



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