Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 2

| December 12, 2016
Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016  Volume 2
  1. Chan Hua Chien / Melor Md Yunus / Maslawati Mohamad
    ‘Who We Are’ in Enhancing Rural Students’ English as a Second Language (ESL) Learning
  2. Dangin / Nurvita Wijayanti
    Mispronouncing Spelling-to-Sound Words by Indonesian College Students: A Study on Phonology
  3. Deby Irawan
    Developing Islamic English Reading Course Syllabus: Preserving Islamic Ideology and Strengthening Students’ Language Proficiency
  4. Desi Tri Cahyaningati
    Multimodal Text for Engineering Student
  5. Dexter Sigan John / Melor Md Yunus
    The Potential of Using Visual Aids in Reading Literary Texts
  6. Diana Chitra Hasan
    Gender Differences in the Relationships between Students’ Motivation and Achievement with their Perception of Female Teachers’ Classroom Behavior
  7. Diani Nurhajati
    Project-Based Learning used to Develop Supplementary Materials for Writing Skill
  8. Eka Fadilah
    Oral Corrective Feedback on Students’ Grammatical Accuracy and Willingness to Communicate in EFL Classroom: The Effects of Focused and Unfocused Prompts
  9. Ekaterina Tarasova
    Professional English Teaching on the Basis of Blended Learning
  10. Elok Putri Nimasari
    How do Undergraduate Students avoid Plagiarism?
  11. Elvina Arapah
    English Lesson Planning of K-13 with Scientific Approach
  12. Eny Syatriana
    Implementing a Design Model in Teaching Writing through Reflection  Strategy for Indonesian EFL Students
  13. Eunice Barbara C. Novio / Nancy G. Catane
    Poetry in EFL Teaching: Perspective of the Students based on Gender
  14. Fahrur Rozi, Ph.D.
    Improving Communication Skills of Tertiary Level Indonesian Learners through a Conversation Lounge
  15. Fahrus Zaman Fadhly
    Reconstruction of Cognitive Process in Popular Article Writing
  16. Feky R. Talahaturuson / Hendrik J. Maruanaya
    Maximizing the use of Wondershare Quiz Creator Program to Promote High School Students’ Engagement in EFL Reading Comprehension Lesson
  17. Fibriani Endah Widyasari
    Musical Intelligence Based Instructions to Teach English to Young Learners
  18. Geminastiti Sakkir
    Interest and Writing Skill of the University Students on using Social Media- Facebook in Writing Class (STKIP Muhammadiyah Rappang, Indonesia)
  19. Hairus Salikin / Muhlisin Rasuki
    Developing Second and Foreign Language Proficiency: Insight from the Learners
  20. Hanna Sundari
    The Qualities of an Effective English Teacher: University Students’ Perception

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