Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 1

| December 12, 2016
Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016  Volume 1
  1. Aco Nasir
    Implementing SBI (StrategiesBased Instruction) in Teaching Speaking Skills
  2. Adinuansah / Furry Agustini
    Analysis of the Factors Influencing Students’ Motivation in Learning English
  3. Afdaleni
    Students’ Interest Level in Learning English Grammar
  4. Afif Rofii / Franscy
    The Development of Contextual-Based Textbook on Morphological Process in Faculty
     of Teachers Training and Education Batanghari University Jambi
  5. Afnesha Noveriana Chang
    Young Learner’s Learning Characteristics: What should the material be?
  6. Ahmad Junaidi
    Evaluating the Relevance Status of Linguistics-Based Courses in English Teacher Education Program in Indonesia: A Case Study at the University of Mataram
  7. Amaluddin / Salasiah A / Mardiah
    Developing Teaching Model for Listening Comprehension by using Audio Visual Aids and Metacognitive Strategy
  8. Amara Yeoh Jo Ann / Melor Md Yunus / Azlina Abdul Aziz
    ESL Trainee Teachers’ Approaches and Activities in Teaching Literature: Usage, Factors and Confidence
  9. Aminah
    Student and Teacher Perceptions on the Role of ICTS in Promoting Instruction for QualityTeaching and Learning in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
  10. Amrullah
    Improving English Speaking Ability through Task-Based Learning Approach
  11. Andi Musafir Rusyaidi
    The Effective Use of Error Categorization Matrix in Improving Students Writing Skill
  12. Andrea Rakushin Lee
    Korean EFL Students’ Perceptions of Instructor Interaction in a Blended Learning Class
  13. Andrew Prosser
    Extended Metaphors: Educational Hypermedia, Instructional Design and Understanding the Metaphors Learners Use
  14. Anna Riana Suryanti Tambunan, S.S., M.Hum
    Teacher’s Motivation as a Conceptualization of Job Commitment to Predict the Teacher’s Competence of Indonesian EFL Teachers
  15. Arif Husein Lubis
    Literature Circles as a Facilitator to Promote Composition Process:A Voice from Tertiary EFL Students
  16. Arjulayana
    Non-English Learners’ Needs in Learning English as a Foreign Language
  17. Aschawir Ali
    A Rasch Model Analysis to Measure the Students’ Narrative Writing Development
  18. Asma Al Aufi
    Online Exams: Benefits and Challenges Faced by Teachers and  Learners
  19. Beheshteh Shakhsi Dastgahian / Behzad Ghonsooly
    Managing Directed Motivational Currents of Religious Texts on English Language Achievement. A Mixed-Methods Study
  20. Boniesta Z Melani
    Learning Conditions for Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition in L1 and L2

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