Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 3

| December 12, 2016
Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 3
  1. Hardianti
    Exploring Communication Strategies of an Indonesian Radio Announcer
  2. Hendrik J. Maruanaya
    Multiple Intelligences and Group’s Performance in TEFL Projects
  3. Honest Ummi Kaltsum / Ratnasari Diah Utami
    The Effectiveness of Folklore Media against Students’ Motivation in Learning English
  4. Hyekyeng Kim
    The Effects of Pragmatic Instruction on Korean University Students regarding Compliment Responses
  5. I Nyoman Sudika / H. Khairul Paridi / Baharuddin
    Teaching Material Development in Thematic Approach for Learners of Literacy Learning Learners in Community Learning Center in West Lombok
  6. Ida Ayu Made Sri Widiastuti
    EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices of Formative Assessment to Promote Active Learning
  7. Ismail Anas
    Teacher Professional Development in an Online community of Practice (OCoP): Teacher’s Engagement and Participation in a Facebook-Mediated Communication (FMC)
  8. Ista Maharsi
    Reflective Teaching Practices in a Teacher Training Program
  9. Jessica Chung / Melor Md. Yunus
    Digital Storytelling Production as a Learning Tool in Improving ESL Learners’ Verbal Proficiency
  10. Juliansyah
    Development of English Language Learning Model for Speaking Ability for Elementary School Students (Age 7-9) Based on the Theory of Theme and Rheme
  11. Lalu Suhirman
    Lesson Study – Based Instruction for Enhancing EFL Teacher’s Pedagogical Competence
  12. Lamhot Naibaho
    Improving Students’ Essay Writing Ability through Consultancy Prewriting Protocol at Christian University of Indonesia
  13. Leo Hucamis Aberion
    A Sociolinguistic Investigation to English Words in the Cebuano-Visayan Text Messaging Corpus
  14. Lilies Setiasih
    Effect of Group Work and Student-Selected Online Material Strategies on Students’ Reading Achievement
  15. Lisa Armelia / Nargis
    Optimizing EFL Learners’ Communicative Competence through Short Movie Project
  16. Lisa Septiany
    The Effect of Using Think-Pair-Share Strategy on Students’ Motivation and their Speaking Ability
  17. Lusia Eni Puspandari / Olivia de Haviland Basoeki
    Developing Interactive Media of Phrasal Verbs for Adult Learnersto be used for Communication
  18. Madehang
    The Analysis of the English Teacher-Made Tests Based on the Taxonomy of Instructional Objectives in the Cognitive Domain at the State Senior Secondary Schools in Palopo
  19. Maria Arina Luardini / Merilyn Simbolon
    Ecolinguistics for Teaching English
  20. Martha Castillo Noriega
    Empowering Teachers’ Collaborative Skills with Coaching Through Learning Walks

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