Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 4

| December 12, 2016
Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 4
  1. Masruddin
    Designing Appropriate English Learning Materials for Syariah Economy and Syariah Banking Study Program Students at IAIN Palopo
  2. Mayang Pipit
    CLIL as an Alternative Approach for Designing English Course Syllabus in Indonesia
  3. Michael Thomas Gentner
    Constructing Advanced Organizer Tasks for the Indonesian Classroom
  4. Mohammad Reza Kooroghli / Samad Sajjadi / Forough Rahimi
    Effect of Medical English on Students’ General English Proficiency
  5. Monica Ella Harendita
    Embracing EIL Pedagogy in Teaching Speaking to University Students
    through Culturally-Relevant Materials
  6. Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
    Bilingualism: The Beneficial and Contradictory Findings
  7. Muhammad Azwar Paramma
    Teachers’ Perspectives on Scientific Approach in Indonesian Educational Context
  8. Muliaty Ibrahim
    Learning Strategies in Speaking Performance Applied by the 12th Grade of Senior High School Students in Indonesian
  9. Murni Mahmud
    Gender Differences in English Language Teaching
  10. Nasmilah, M. Hum, Ph.D.
    Learners’ Motivational Traits and Strategic Investment in Learning through EFL Immersion Program: A Study at Insan Cendekia Madani Boarding School Tangerang Indonesia
  11. Ngo Thi Hien Trang
    The Use of Pictures in English Speaking Classes for Pupils at DANANG Primary Schools: Reality and Solutions
  12. Ni Wayan Yudiastini Astuti
    Assessing Students’ Belief of Learning English as a Foreign Language through Metaphor Analysis in Senior High School Level
  13. Noor Raha Mohd Radzuan / Zarina Mohd Ali / Abdullah Adnan Mohamed / Nurkarimah Yusof
    MIM-GA: Measuring Non-Native Students’ Group Attitude (GA) in using Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) in Learning English
  14. Novalita Fransisca Tungka / Nur Mukminatien
    The Investigation of EFL Students’ Experiences, Skills and Preferences in Reading Multimodal English Medium Texts
  15. Nurhayati B, Sitti Saenab
    Student Response Toward Humor Based Instructional Media (Descriptive Study on Students of Grade II SMAN 1 Bontonompo)
  16. Nurul Atma
    Teachers’ Role in Reducing Students’ English Speaking Anxiety Based on Students’ Perspectives
  17. Nurul Suciana Adam
    Developing English Materials Dealing with 2013 Curriculum of the Seventh Grade Student in MTsN Balang-Balang
  18. Pamela Lim Mei Shan, Melor Md Yunus, Maslawati Mohamad
    The Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013 and its Effects on English Language Teaching in Malaysia
  19. Patoomporn Chairat
    The Potential Benefits of Internet-Based Learning in Thai EFL Context
  20. Phạm Thị Tài
    An Investigation into Some Factors Influencing to Student’s Motivation to Learn Speaking English of the First – Year Students at English Department, University of Foreign Language Studies – Danang University – Vietnam

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