Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 5

| December 13, 2016
Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 5
  1. Purnama N.F. Lumban Batu / Laila Puspitasari / Larsen Barasa / Valent Tania Sitepu
    Grammatical Errors in Students Speaking English: An Error Analysis on Indonesian Maritime Students
  2. Rafi’ah Nur / Rezkiyanti Syarifuddin
    Designing an Instructional Model of Youtube-Based Materials of Listening Comprehension at Umpar Indonesia
  3. Rasman
    Demystifying Teacher Cognition-Action Divide: Unfolding Teacher Cognition through shared Intentionality in a Grammar Microteaching Session
  4. Ratnah
    Improving Writing Skills by Using Authentic Materials in Indonesian Vocational School
  5. Ridwan Hanafiah
    An Analysis of Lexical Density and Grammatical Intricacy in Thesis Abstract of English Department Student of USU
  6. Rika Mutiara
    Lexical Bundles and Keywords in Psychology Research Articles
  7. Ririn Tutik Faidah, Muflikhatun Nisa Muyassaroh
    Teachers’ Assessment on Students’ Speaking Ability in Vocational School
  8. Roswita M. Aboe
    Enhancing the Students Speaking Interest through News Reporting Technique
  9. Saidna Zulfiqar Bin Tahir / Yulini Rinantanti
    Multilingual Lecturers’ Competence in English Teaching at the University of Iqra Buru, Indonesia
  10. Shalini Upadhyay / Ranjit Rodrigues
    Investigating Foreign Language Learning: Examining Anxiety associated with English Language acquisition in the Asian ESL context
  11. Sibro Mailisi Fathurahman / Raihan Randika / Evi Rahmawati
    An Analysis on the Integrated English Teaching and the Islamic Students’ Reflection on their Engagement in Learning English at Irsyaadul Ibaad Islamic Boarding School Pasir Sakti, East Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia
  12. Soraya Grabiella Dinamika / Wina Viqa Sari
    Applied Error Analysis of Comparative Degree Sentence Construction of Students in STIM Sukma Medan
  13. Suharmanto / Yazid Basthomi / Nur Hayati / Maria Hidayati
    Zooming in Gate-Keeping: Ameliorating Writing
  14. Sukardi Weda
    Demotivational Teaching Practices in EFL Classroom: Perceptions of English among Indonesian Learners
  15. Sukardi Weda
    Knowledge Sharing Practices in EFL Classroom at Higher Education in Indonesia
  16. Sukirman
    Designing Worksheets of English Academic Word for English Education Department Students at IAIN Palopo
  17. Sulistia Indah
    The Effect of Asset Based Thinking (ABT) Method on the Students’ Speaking Ability
    in Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Classroom: A Study of Biology
    Students at STKIP Bima
  18. Sunarlia Limbong
    Using Marlins English for Seafarers to Improve Listening Comprehension
  19. Supong Tangkiengsirisin / Rusma Kalra
    The Effect of Corrective Feedback on Grammatical Accuracy in a Thai University Context
  20. Suryanto
    Alienation in the Process of Teaching and Learning English in Indonesia

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