Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 7

| March 6, 2017
Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 7
  1. Aileen Tiong Ling / Melor Md. Yunus
    Secondary ESL Teachers’ Receptiveness towards ICT Integration
  2. Anisa Cheung
    Exploring Teacher Cognition on the Integration of Language Arts (LA) electives in the New Senior Secondary (NSS) English Language Curriculum in Hong Kong
  3. Arifuddin / I Made Sujana / Kamaludin
    Indonesian Masters Degrees Students’ Difficulties in Pragmatic Understanding Based on Fields of Study and Gender
  4. Athitaya Unchanthee
    The Development of Remember Vocabulary by using CALL in Pratom 5 Students
  5. Barli Bram
    Self and Peer Revisions in Students’ Narrative Paragraph Writing
  6. Burhanudin Syaifulloh
    Language Learning Strategy Use and English Proficiency of Indonesian EFL College Students
  7. Daniel Warchulski
    Supporting Learner Autonomy through Self-Assessments: The Accuracy of Students’ Self-evaluations in Speaking Classes
  8. Delsa Miranty
    Posting Students’ Work on Facebook and Wall Magazine and its Effect on their Motivation
  9. Desak Gede Chandra Widayanthi
    “Bimbel” as an Educational Trend in Indonesia
  10. Dewi Atikah
    Teaching Strategies in Writing Class: A good model in Islamic institution of Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
  11. Diyan Ermawan Effendi / Muchammadun
    “Happiness” in Bahasa Indonesia and its Implication to Health and Community well-being
  12. Endang Asriyanti Amin Sikki
    Primary School English Teachers’ Perception towards their own English Language
    Knowledge and Skills: Using Self-Evaluation to Identify the Level of Importance and Competence
  13. Eni Prasetiyowati / Lailatus Sa’adah
    The use of Self-Assessment for Teaching English for Young Learners
  14. Fadilla Oktaviana
    Comparison of Translation Result from Google-Translator and Bing-Translator
    (Error Analysis of Translation Result from Indonesian Text Into English Text)
  15. Fahmi Gunawan / Isna Humaera
    Analyzing Students’ Individual Problems in Speaking at IAIN Kendari
  16. Grace M. Corpuz / Efren O. Peralta
    Promoting Meaningful Student Engagement in the ESL Classroom
  17. Hamamah
    Teaching Strategies Applicable for Instilling Character Education in EFL Writing Courses in Higher Education: A Literature Review
  18. Hema Vanita Kesevan
    Classroom Ideologies and Teaching Styles in Post-Colonial English Classrooms

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