Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 9

| March 8, 2017
Indonesian International Conference Edition December 2016 Volume 9
  1. Nawawi
    Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension through Pedagogical Translation Strategy (An Action Research to Students of Faculty of Economics Universitas Mataram)
  2. Nicodemus Bisse
    Application of Pair Work Technique in Teaching Speaking to the Second Semester Student of English Department of STKIP YPUP Makassar
  3. Nicodemus Bisse
    Utility of Self Access Materials in Second Language Learning for Autonomous Learners
  4. Nonny Basalama / Karmila Machmud
    The Influence of Role Model Affects Teacher Identity Development in English as a Foreign Language Teaching Context
  5. Novi Rahayu Restuningrum
    The Problem of Switching the Status of English from Foreign to Second Language in Indonesia
  6. Novita Puspahaty
    Analysis of Demonstration Method through Students’ Motivation to Learn English SMA Negeri 1 Serang Baru-Kab. Bekasi
  7. Nurhuda Mohamad Nazri1 / Melor Md Yunus / Diyanatul Mardhiah Abdul Shukor
    The Effectiveness of using Mindomo as a Pre-Writing Tool in Improving Writing Scores among ESL students
  8. Nuri Emmiyati
    Gender Differences in Self-Determination Motivation to Learn English
  9. Perwi Darmajanti
    The Importance of Teaching Strategic Competence for Indonesian Learner
  10. Ratna Rintaningrum
    Investigating Reasons Why Listening in English is Difficult: Voice from Foreign Language Learners
  11. Ribahan
    Students’ Perceptions of the Characteristics of Effective English Teachers at Mataram State Institute of Islamic Studies, Lombok
  12. Salasiah A
    Using Mind Visualizer as Digital Brainstorming in Teaching Writing: A Study at Muhammadiyah University of Parepare
  13. Santri E. P. Djahimo
    Applying Consciousness Raising Tasks in Teaching Grammar io EFL Students in Indonesia
  14. Shalvin Singh
    Using Self-Assessment Tasks in Foreign Language Classrooms
  15. Siti Aisyah
    Implementation of CLT and Its Minimum Results
  16. Sri Utami
    Developing Lifelong Learners by Implementing Group Investigation Technique at Higher Education
  17. Supardi
    Web-Based Resources for Legal English Vocabulary Enhancement of Law Students
  18. Suswati Hendriani
    Grammar Teaching Method Preferred by Indonesian Students

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